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Color Wonders in Nature

Inspiration comes from numerous sources which surround us every day. Nature as one of these sources provides us with an enormous wealth of impressions, and man has always derived creativity from its abundance. It is hard to say whether velcro fasteners would ever have been invented without the example of the clinging bur. And what about the lotus effect? Would the idea have been dismissed as mere fantasy without the example that nature has provided?


In similar fashion, nature’s incredible array of colors has led to a multitude of new ideas. GRAFE has just come out with a new color series entitled „Color Wonders in Nature“ which offers a fascinating perspective on our natural surroundings. An ice cold lake in winter, a ripe cherry in the summer rain, and the green of the jungle are just some of the colors presented in the collection. The colors which appear in this series open our eyes to a world of such beauty and intensity that we are compelled to linger.

Let yourself be captured by the beauty and diversity of nature.

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