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“Colors are not only experienced with our heart and our emotions, but also our mind” (Liane Collot d ́Herbois)


Today, when we watch movies from the last decades, we are amused by the colors of the clothes, the furnishings, or the designs. But we can be sure that our children will experience the same thing in the future! Color is in a constant state of change – it is a question of personal attitude whether one joins in the current trend. Most of the time, however, this just happens more or less subconsciously. It’s a fact that colors influence our actions.


To use a color in a targeted manner, one must be clear which statement is to be made and which impression conveyed. Furthermore, identifying the target group is of paramount importance; the right color selection can decisively influence the potential purchaser or user of a product.


Every color is associated with a certain effect and sensory impressions, and evokes different associations. Framing a product within a particular color plays an equally important role here. Colors rarely appear in isolation: they increase their spectrum through effects; they find their complete expression in a shared environment of different colors.


The GRAFE-Design-Center supports its clients in selecting the color of their products, thus aiding in the implementation of effective ideas and strategies. The GRAFE-Team consider themselves to be both: color- experts and solution-finders. Color is more than just ‘color’: it is alive, and generates synergies and emotions. Colors make the world more colorful!




As the term suggests, WORK-LIFE-BALANCE describes a properly balanced relationship between one’s work and one’s private life. It is especially important to successfully reconcile one’s private interests/ one’s family life with the demands of the world of work. This harmony also includes enjoyment in one’s work and a working environment in which one feels happy and in which one is prepared to achieve, just as it includes the stable security of family and friends.


Owing to the high levels of client interest, the GRAFE-Design-Center is once more presenting the popular colors of 2011 under the theme of "WORK-LIFE BALANCE".


GRAFE Design-Center


Color is a phenomenon. As an emotional factor, it is often precisely the color which decides how the quality of a product is rated. Color can be used in a targeted manner as a marketing instrument – or when placed in a prominent position, it can also serve as an identifying marker.

Color as a feature of design, as a marketing tool, or as a functional or informational element is subject to the highest requirements. Color is full of energy and sensations. The GRAFE-Design-Center evokes these through individual color schemes. Clients are provided with active support when selecting colors for their product. GRAFE considers itself to be: a color expert and solution-finder at once. Color is more than just ‘color’: it is alive, and generates emotions. The GRAFE-Team presents the products of its clients in the right light!


The advantage: GRAFE makes dreams come true; the client’s ideas are put into practice, and an individual solution is developed. Almost anything is possible. GRAFE is a finder of ideas, a developer of colors and effects. Together with and on behalf of the client, the GRAFE-Team creates color compositions specially tailored to the product in question, and reproduces them in plastic. This can be done at the customer’s location or at the GRAFE premises.



The theme of WORK-LIFE-BALANCE reflects the colours for 2011. The trend colors are powerful and active. The colors are seen as separate, and yet they form a unity, a harmony with one another. The associations of each individual color are further heightened and emphasised through additional effect pigments.


Apart from color and additive master batches, the product spectrum of GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH includes a wide range of functional plastic compounds. One of the industry’s largest R&D departments is focusing its efforts on the latest technologies that can equip plastic with intelligent functions. Founded in 1991, the company is now operating as GRAFE Group with its three divisions: Color Batch, Additive Batch and Polymer Technik. The employees develop new products and produce in the highly modern facility at Blankenhain (Thuringia) in heart of Germany for the national and international market. The Group is certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001/2000. Further information under:


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