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Heroes- They really do exist

Blankenhain, January 2013 – When twilight falls, the much respected and distinguished color psychologist Dr. Coloris is transformed into COLORAKEL, the super hero. At the end of his working day, he embarks on breathtaking adventures. Undaunted by the gray of everyday life and equipped with a special suit and glasses, he sets out to discover the colors of the coming season. As he journeys to the most unusual places, he encounters strange creatures and enchanted beings. Heroes – Yes, they really do exist. The GRAFE company’s best kept secret will be lifted at the Color Preview 2014. That adventure begins NOW.


Who wouldn’t like to have a super hero in their neighborhood, spreading hope and the promise of a better world? One who is there in an instant battling injustice and helping with the small problems of everyday life? Every one of us can surely think of many instances where help would be welcome in our personal daily routines.


Our own personal super hero COLORAKEL is out on a mission to bring more color and beauty to our world. In his role as color oracle, he uncovers the colors that will be influencing our environment in the year 2014 as he gathers impressions for their presentation in places where they may not always be expected. In this way he brings life to the GRAFE Design Center with colors and impressions that seem to emerge in part from a fantasy world. Colors that lead us back to the fanciful and colorful world of our childhood. Even the transparency of a ghost will be brought to life; a color with such a subtle and delicate shimmer; whose sole appeal is its unreal quality. We will also be presenting a yellow that will make you believe it comes directly from the world of our super hero. Such a color can only emerge from the hidden and unknown depths of the sea. At the GRAFE DESIGN CENTER, COLORAKEL will lead the reader back to the old fairy tales of childhood to discover among other colors, a gold that could only be found in the presence of an enchanted frog.


The year 2014 will be colorful and glaring yet subtle and elegant as well. Shades of blue and purple will move center stage. Moreover, the coming season will be marked by a metallic shimmer which will transform the colors to a stylistic view of the future.


However, the colorful carefreeness and close connection to nature of the past years remain reflected. Thus, 2014 will reveal a futuristic interpretation of the past as it casts its own enchantment on the future.


PREMIERE of the adventurous impressions: March 2013 at the Cosmopack in Bologna: Stand B19 in Hall 18

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