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Sustainable Mobility

Blankenhain, February 2013 - With the growing awareness of the environment, came the advance of electromobility. Not only did the automotive industry have to think higher, faster, further – making faster and safer vehicles – it also had to embrace the concept of building vehicles that use fewer resources and which are lighter, greener as well as more sustainable. With the focus on electromobility, sustainability or rather sustainable mobility, the GRAFE Group has facilitated the use of more plastics in automotive engineering and is able to meet the demands of OEMs.


Heavy materials such as metals and glass are increasingly being replaced by plastics. This applies not only to interior components such as covers or pillar panels, but also to car body components as well as electrical shielding and conductive plastic designs. In particular, electrically conductive, shielding or permanently antistatic plastics are finding wide-spread use as high-performance accumulators and electrical engines gain importance.


Electromagnetic shielding in housing parts is normally achieved by using cable sheathing or conductive coverings. This includes shielding covers for distributor caps and ignition cables; but also self-regulating heating elements, e.g. car mirrors and windshield-washer nozzles are made of conductive plastics. This is where the expertise of GRAFE Polymer Technik GmbH comes into play as specialists for automotive engineering, developing and designing application-tailored solutions for electrically conductive, permanently antistatic and shielding plastics. „Our tailor-made products are finding more and more applications as classic production materials in automotive engineering“, says Steffen Felzer, managing director of GRAFE Polymer Technik GmbH. „In this particular case, we had to make a super easy-flowing PP-material highly conductive while at the same time meeting all the demands placed on mechanics, aging and process safety. In the meantime, we have included this product as a standard material in our product catalogue of electrically conductive plastics”, according to Felzer.


The GRAFE Group at the accompanying exhibition „Plastics in Automotive Engineering“ in Mannheim: Stand 56


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