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Brilliant colors for luminescent plastics

Blankenhain, April 2013 - The GRAFE Group is known as one of the most innovative partners in the plastics processing industry. The company is presenting masterbatches for luminescent plastics at the Techtextil in Frankfurt. The luminescent masterbatches are available in brilliant red, green, yellow and blue.


The basic principle of this process has been known for some years and has gained importance with the GRAFE Group’s success in improving the product’s optical appeal. In the past, products could only be made luminescent using a drab green-grey color. With the new, innovative masterbatches of the company, products can now glow in red, green, yellow and blue.

These sensational results are developed for each product individually in collaboration with the customers of the Thuringian-based company. In product development, special focus is placed on the impression created by the luminescent color on the end-consumer in daylight. The majority of applications are in the toy industry as well as in fashion and advertising.


Further application areas for luminescent pigments are brand authentication and document security. The use of phosphorescent pigments ensures the authenticity and lowers the risk of forgery of banknotes, credit cards, passports as well as other documents and valuable objects.


The GRAFE Group at the TECHTEXTIL in Frankfurt/Main: Hall 3.1, Stand F41


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