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Improved performance of PLA-packaging

Blankenhain, July 2013 –The plastics processing industry has been faced with the demands of an increasing number of end consumers calling for responsible action to protect our environment. Added to these demands, are those of the packaging material producers whose concerns are not only environmental but are also focused on better and simpler processing of PLA-materials. The GRAFE Group has expanded its product portfolio to include a new masterbatch under the name of „Biocolen“ which addresses environmental concerns and offers enhanced performance for manufacturers while providing an alternative to petroleum-based materials.


Packaging on the basis of bio-based, compostable polylactic acids (PLA) is no longer simply a vision of the future but has already been in use for many years in various applications. With the new product series Biocolen, the GRAFE Group is offering a masterbatch which is not only suitable for coloring bioplastics but also provides improved performance for packaging manufacturers.

Ongoing developments in technology mean that many services can be provided without compromising on customers‘ needs. The new material offers processers many advantages, as well as new application options for the manufacturers of consumer goods. The batch improves the temperature stability of PLA during the deep drawing process, by optimizing the material which must be stored cool and then reheated. One of the most important applications is in the packaging of microwave meals.

The benefits available to the packaging manufacturers are clear. The masterbatch improves the durability, achieving a higher flexibility and reducing the brittleness in the end product without impairing transparency. Due to the material composition, the packaging product is very easy to process and cut.


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