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Exclusive Colors - Masterbatch for exclusive products

Blankenhain, June 2013 – The appeal of premium-quality products begins with the first visual impression. The new „Exclusive Colors“ create a striking impact using complex pigments as they lend a luxurious luster to plastics.


The „Exclusive Colors“ series offers an exquisite selection of colors with the appeal of premium-quality elegance. Thanks to the complex and superior-quality pigments, the plastics create an impression of exclusive luster and radiance.Particularly important in the packaging sector, customers are drawn to the product’s exclusivity by the striking luster of the plastics even before their purchase. Shimmering elegance is among the effects created by the color „Shiny Diamond“, while „Starry Blue“ captures the appeal of the starry sky at night and „Icy Crystal“ highlights an impression of frost.


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