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Blankenhain, October 2013 – Customer satisfaction and top quality applicationspecific technical plastics are what the GRAFE Group stands for. For over 20 years, the plastics specialist GRAFE has been producing for the German and international markets. At this year’s K, the company will be presenting its complete range of products to an international audience featuring latest product innovations and highlights.


The activities of the GRAFE Group are divided into three business units: Color Batch, Additiv Batch and Polymer Technik – three areas of competence under one roof. The GRAFE Color Batch GmbH is focused on the optical modification of plastics. Products are made to meet customer-specific demands. All production processes are simulated in advance for the customer. This business unit also offers special design assistance, in particular for the automotive branch. Well-known German and international car manufacturers are already among GRAFE’s customers. Together with the GRAFE Group, they develop new plastic composites. The company from Thuringia is one of the leading suppliers when it comes to specific and complex properties for interior trim. More than 8,000 color formulations have been developed for the automotive industry to date. Colors influence people’s moods, allowing them to express themselves and communicate with each other – colors are full of energy and emotions. Every year the team at the GRAFE Design Center weaves its magic to produce a fascinating color preview diving deep into the world of trend colors.


To meet the demands of the textile industry, the GRAFE Color Batch GmbH offers masterbatches for melt-spun fibers made of polyolefins, polyesters, and polyamides. In its fiber lab, GRAFE conducts colorimetric, analytic and materials testing with state-of-the-art equipment. This enables the plastics specialist to guarantee its customers quick and precise color matches as well as faster sample and delivery times. „Some of the specialties at GRAFE Color Batch GmbH include our colored luminescent masterbatches for plastics which undergo continual development and are available in brilliant colors such as red, green, blue and yellow. Another important development is our biodegradable masterbatch ´Biocolen´, which comes in the same brilliant colors, is equipped with all the technical properties of the „classic“ masterbatches, and is made on the basis of biopolymers. Our latest innovative development, which we are especially proud of, is the range of effect colors for the design of the outer covering of the new Samsonite luggage series called “Cosmolite”. It was a special challenge to produce metallic effects with a carbon look for the luggage surface“ according to Matthias Grafe, managing director of the GRAFE Group.


Modifying the physical properties of plastics is what the GRAFE Additiv Batch GmbH specializes in. This company offers an extensive range of additive masterbatches for many thermoplastic composites, including filled and reinforced types. The development work is focused on the growing interest among customers to modify the performance characteristics of plastics and make their processing easier. This leads to a continual development of new customized products, tailor-made to meet the requirements of customers „With the highly concentrated additives of the GRAFE Group, our customers achieve the same result with less additive and this leads to greater costefficiency,” according to Matthias Grafe. „Of course we also supply special masterbatches which combine color and additive.” In Dusseldorf, the GRAFE Additiv Batch GmbH will be presenting such highlights as a matting agent, which significantly reduces the gloss level especially with dark colors for extruded sheets and injection molded articles. Flow Improver, the newest innovation from the GRAFE Group, improves flow properties and reduces processing temperatures and cooling times. This contributes significantly to a more cost-efficient production process. The PLA-processing aid is a color and functional additive for biodegradable plastics.


The GRAFE Polymer Technik GmbH is another company in the GRAFE Group. The company offers customized and application-specific solutions for plastic compounds as well as an extensive range of standardized electrically conductive and permanently antistatic compounds. „Our existing range of electrically conductive compounds has been expanded to included technical plastics. In addition to the well-known materials used in storage and transport boxes, containers for chemical apparatus, hoses and pipes as well as packaging for electronic components, we now use electrically conductive polyamide-6 and elastomers”, reports Steffen Felzer, managing director of the GRAFE Polymer Technik GmbH. Some easy flowing alternatives have been added to the polyolefins used to date. These are especially suitable for thin-walled components with complex geometry and long flow distances. Also new to the product range is an electrically conductive PS-compound for deepdrawn parts and films. The mechanical features of polypropylene and ABS, the colored electrically conductive materials used for the Colorstat® range, have been further improved and more colors have been added.


„Whether they are used in cars, clothing, packaging, toys or many other products – plastics are one of the most important materials in our everyday life today. The material, however, can act as a magnet for dust. Our experts have developed a solution to solve this problem. – the High Performance Antistatic Masterbatch.“ explains Grafe. Its enhanced antistatic protection can avoid abrupt discharge, reduce dust attraction on surfaces and minimize the danger of sudden explosions.


In addition to the individual business units, the plastics specialist GRAFE has improved competence and customer proximity by expanding its sales activities to eastern and southern Europe. The company plans to gain new markets and double its export share with GRAFE Italia S.r.L. located in Turate, GRAFE Polska Sp. z o.o. located in Lubliniec and a salesperson for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Over 200 employees work at the state-of-the-art production facility in Blankenhain (Thuringia) in the heart of Germany to produce for the domestic and international markets. One third of the staff works in the areas of research and development. This ensures continuous innovation and growth at GRAFE. Even in economically difficult times, GRAFE maintained its investment in R & D in order to continue developing new technologies and products.


Quality, customer proximity, expertise and innovation – four core competencies – four hallmarks of the GRAFE group. These are what guide and determine all activities in the company. The vision of a professional and innovative company, striving continually to meet the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction is what guides the activities of GRAFE, now and in the future.


GRAFE at the K in Düsseldorf: hall 6, stand E75.


The range of products at the GRAFE Group includes a wide selection of functional plastic compounds in addition to color and additive masterbatches. One of the largest research and development departments in the industry works on the newest technologies to equip plastics with intelligent functions. The GRAFE Group was founded in 1991 and today has three business divisions: Color Batch, Additive Batch and Polymer Technology. More than 200 staff develop and produce at the state of the art facility in Blankenhain (Thuringia) in the heart of Germany for the domestic and international market. The group is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO TS 16949:2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001/2008 certified. Information at:


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