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COLORAKEL: There really are such things as heroes Episode 14

Blankenhain, 2013 – In his last adventure, our superhero COLORAKEL was thrilled to share in the secrets of a magician performing his magic as he discovered a purple so enchanting that he was unable to think of anything else. In his latest undertaking, he encounters a golden donkey. But come along and see for yourself. The adventure begins NOW.


The sun beats down from the sky, there’s no breeze in sight and all of nature seems paralyzed in the midday heat. Even COLORAKEL is tired and lethargic in the face of this incredible heat. A little bit in the distance, he spies a cozy little barn nestled into the dreamlike landscape. So COLORAKEL decides to take a closer look at the barn and lay down for a few minutes in the cool hay. But upon entering the barn he realizes that he doesn’t have the place for himself alone. A playful little donkey is prancing about. He has just arranged a bench for himself to sit down comfortably with a newspaper. Our little man is suddenly startled as it seems that the donkey is about to press something out of his backside. However, just as COLORAKEL begins to turn his head away in shock, a never ending number of little gold coins tumble from the bottom of our charming little beast. Completely astounded, our superhero asks the donkey just what he thinks he’s doing? In a cheerful mood, the jackass turns around and answers: “The government said to save the economy everybody needs to get their asses moving!” Finally COLORAKEL comprehends the donkey’s business and has a better look at the coins. After closer inspection he finally remarks:


„Dear donkey, you take the words of the government rather literally. The gold in these coins is quite incredible. Even though it is seems so light, it is rich and valuable, like a piece of platinum that has been coated additionally with the finest leaf gold. In view of this color inspiration, I shall call it Gold-Happens and then you will not only be helping the government, but all people will be able to indulge in this luxurious elegance.“


Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.


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