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COLORAKEL: There really are such things as heroes Episode 15

Blankenhain, 2013 –COLORAKEL discovered his last color inspiration completely unexpectedly as he was about to lie down for a little afternoon nap. A talking donkey conjured up the unique color quite incredibly from out of his backside. In his latest mission COLORAKEL arrives at a place where long forgotten things are kept but where the occasional surprise is sure to happen. Get ready for the adventure that begins right NOW!


It is a beautiful, sunny day and COLORAKEL decides to pay a visit to a place where most people would usually not like to spend their time. A garbage dump with various bits of scrap metal and junk is his destination. For COLORAKEL knows that people throw away all sorts of things and often discard items that can still be of use. And so he begins to rummage through the big piles. COLORAKEL is becoming more and more excited and enthusiastic when suddenly, hidden beneath the countless pieces of equipment, he spies something twinkling. He tries to get a hold of it but is unable to. A small digger with a lifting magnet comes to his rescue. Our superhero takes his place at the driver’s seat, activates the magnet and suddenly finds he has literally caught himself a little robot. COLORAKEL can’t believe his good luck when he recognizes what it is he has fished out from the rubbish heap. He mumbles happily to himself as he leans forward in the driver’s seat. All of a sudden he hears a somewhat mechanical yet melancholy voice in front of the digger. „Hey“, says the little robot, „Don't tell me to rust in peace! I have feelings, too!“ „And by the way“, he adds, „I even have a name, and it’s Rusty“. At first COLORAKEL is a bit confused but then he cheerfully answers:

„Dear Rusty, I would never want to hurt your feelings. You must have misunderstood me. I was so happy to have found you that what I really meant to say was ‚And now, you can rest in peace‘. It’s because I have found my latest color inspiration here, in you. You may not be aware of it, but the rusty brown of your metal gives off an incredibly luxurious and elegant shimmer. Just take a look at how it sparkles in the sun. As if your exterior has been decorated with countless sunstones. I shall name your color Rusty-Brown and it will fill the world with graceful elegance.“


Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.


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