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COLORAKEL: There really are such things as heroes Episode 16

Blankenhain, 2013 – The breathtaking adventures of our hero COLORAKEL are slowly coming to an end. There are three last color inspirations remaining on his secret list and then he will embark on his journey home to the GRAFE Design Center. On his last mission he was able to help an old robot recognize the intoxicating beauty of its color. In this latest episode, COLORAKEL discovers a secret admirer. Come along on the adventure that begins right NOW.


´Phew, finally made it´ COLORAKEL breathes a sigh of relief and sits down to rest after his latest adventure. In the corner of his eye, the little superhero notices something crawling up from his cape onto his neck. ´Well, hi there. Now who might you be?’ he asks. She introduces herself to him as Miss Ladybug and admits that she has been accompanying him from the beginning of his very first mission. `The whole time?´ COLORAKEL asks himself. In order to get a better look at Ladybug, our superhero places the little lady on a birch leaf that has just fluttered down and examines her with the special magnifying glass he keeps in his case. He admires Miss Ladybug from every angle. Her wings are a beautiful red that he has never seen before in his entire life. And they shimmer so delicately, as if the little ladybug had just flown through a golden fog. COLORAKEL is so busy that he doesn’t even hear the soft voice of the slightly blushing lady: „…I love you.“ Jumping up and down in excitement, she tries to capture his attention but to no avail. Finally she murmurs sadly in her disappointment: „You mean everything to me. But for you I’m just another trend color“.


„Dear Ladybug, please excuse my negligence. I have also grown fond of you and wish that you remain by my side as my loyal companion on my missions. For I have become fascinated by the color of your wings with their brilliant red and hint of golden fog. I would like to call it Ladybug-Love to show you how much you mean to me.“


Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.


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