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COLORAKEL: There really are such things as heroes Episode 17

Blankenhain, 2013 – On his last adventure, COLORAKEL discovered a true companion. His little admirer Miss Ladybug had fallen in love with our daring superhero. His next mission will lead COLORAKEL through forests and across meadows and fields until he stops to linger in one of them. And why? Come along and find out as we join him on the adventure that begins NOW!


What a beautiful autumn day! Colorful leaves dance and swirl as they flutter down from the trees. The squirrels are busy collecting supplies for the winter. And the sun is shining through the fluffy clouds in the sky. Lighthearted and full of cheer, COLORAKEL wanders through this delightful world when suddenly he stops in complete awe in front of a pasture. A small flock of sheep have gathered in a circle around a single sheep and are nuzzling up to him. COLORAKEL can hardly believe his eyes. A fat and fleecy wool sheep is standing in the middle and glowing in the most incredible pink. This is a story that our superhero just has to investigate and so he addresses the colorful animal. He, in turn, tells COLORAKEL the whole story, about his wonderful voice and how he had tried to make it on to the TV show „Germany’s Next Super Sheep“ but never even made it to the preliminary rounds. COLORAKEL doesn’t have much experience in these things yet is quite impressed to find that the remarkable fellow’s „Baaah“ really is something special. Finally, the sheep in its desperation decided to change the color of its wool and mixed some new colors together - and with great success. Today he is the owner of a successful company for sheep wool colors and any talk of casting shows is a thing of the past. After the furry ball of wool finishes his report, he leans back, shuts his eyes for a moment and remarks: „I don’t know why the black color didn’t work out. But the new one is such a crowd-pleaser!“ COLORAKEL is thrilled and confides in him:


„My dear sheep, this color is really just as unique as you are. It is full of energy and joy. But that’s not all. It glitters delicately in the sun as if you had just danced through a cloud of fairy dust. I want to include this magnetising lightness as a color inspiration in my Color Preview 2014. I shall name it Everybody´s-Magenta and the desperation of your past shall be transformed into joy.“


Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.


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