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Color Trends for 2014



Color Masterbatches. Colors go in trends that are generally very short-term and come around again quickly. The GRAFE-Design-Center is presenting its 2014 trend colors for plastics packaging masterbatches in a series of creative comic strip adventures.


Julia Canzler


The design and packaging department of the Grafe Group, Blankenhain, Germany, has produced a comic strip, reminiscent of childhood adventures, to illustrate its 2014 trend colors for color masterbatches.

It centers on the intrepid hero Colorakel. Though during the day he is Dr. Coloris, working in his lab researching the latest colors, in the evening he transforms into this little superhero. In 18 adventures, the creative color inventor is not only inspired to develop the colors for 2014, but also helps a sad ghost, a gloomy polar bear and a lovelorn ladybug, among others, to see the world through somewhat different eyes.

But where do the trend colors come from really?


Looking for Trends


The word “trend” is here to stay. It reflects humans’ perpetual desire to predict the future, and thereby to be the first and fastest. The term has some very different definitions. In general, trends develop out of society, and are created as the result of shifting values.

Color trends represent a very short-lived variant, which usually changes again within a year. Trend colors in marketing, e.g. packaging, are closely linked to, indeed depend on, those in the fashion industry. There are a number of arguments for this: in this way, the brand stays perpetually modern and up to date. Changing the color of a product is also an inexpensive way of grabbing the customer’s attention and differentiating between different varieties. It would be very much more costly to completely transform, e.g. packaging, including design and tooling.

Consequently, an entire branch of market research is dedicated to determining what will please us the day after tomorrow: trend scouting. Special trend scouts travel around watching people in bars, in the street or in discotheques. The inspiration comes from literature, art, films or discussions. The information is absorbed, analyzed and finally put into a common context, from which various trends emerge.

Recognized trend scouts (the stars of the trend agencies) then hold talks explaining the trends to decision makers from the fashion and cosmetics industries, for example. They are inspired by already existing objects, as well as by creative outsiders and crossover artists. Finally, the results are merged with existing moods in society. When these ideas and colors are passed on to creative decision makers in companies, they spread and the idea ultimately becomes a trend.

The major brands in our society are followed by a large number of consumers. The extent to which they do this depends on the personality of each individual. It should also be noted that color trends are not generally applicable throughout the world. Different markets and different countries demand their own colors, which reflect their individual mind-sets and cultures. However, there is no doubt that trend scouts stimulate the economy, inspiring new ideas and making life more varied.

Colors are always oriented to the very latest technology. Today, colors can often be made more glossy, vivid and brilliant than ever before. New effects and new pigments continually create unusual effects in supermarkets and homes.


Fascinating Color Reveries


These modern visions have made the 2014 trend colors into fascinating color reveries. Unparalleled effects have created a magnificent array of hues. Both the names and the color tones look back to the carefree days of childhood. Thus, “Transparent Purple” even evokes the hint of a ghost – a soft, subdued shimmer whose appeal lies solely in its unreality. “Rusty Brown” toys with the rusty bronze tone of an old robot, giving it a superior, high-quality appearance. “Gold Happens” shows a gold that could only be the color of a talking donkey.

2014 will be bright and vivid, as well as subdued and elegant at the same time. A particular focus will be on blues and lilacs. In addition, next season will be pervaded by a metallic shimmer, transforming the color impressions into stylistic visions of the future. This will be mixed with the brightly colored insouciance and love of nature of past years. 2014 will thus be a futuristic interpretation of our past, enchanting the present moment.




Fashion colors do not exist outside time. They usually change in very short stages, since changing color tones continually create new impressions. The coming year will thus combine bright and garish colors with subdued and elegant hues. It is a visionary view of the past, which on the whole makes a relatively cool impression.



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