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A meeting with tomorrow’s trends

Colors can weave magic, inspire and leave you dreaming. In an interview, Julia Canzler, Head of Design und Packaging at GRAFE Design Centers, reveals the secrets behind the 2015 trend colors. She also speaks about some spectacular new developments and the different sources of inspiration for the staff at GRAFE.

Question: Color preferences are very personal and individual – How do you manage to identify the latest trends year after year?


Julia Canzler: I would be giving away the secret of GRAF’s success if I told you how we do that. I can say, however, that our Color Previews from the past years are based on information we get from workshops, trend scouts, seminars and trade fairs which have been developed for the plastics processing industry and which are reflected in all areas of the packaging and cosmetics industry. It is a question of combining the information we collect with a feeling for what will be in the future.


Question: Can you give us a sneak preview of the colors for 2015?


Julia Canzler: Colors are a source of inspiration and joy for us all. For the current Color Preview 2015, we asked the staff at GRAFE to let themselves be inspired by the trend colors and share the memories and feelings evoked in this creative exercise. I find it fascinating how people can be so different and yet so similar. The calendar we have created for 2015 is, therefore, not simply a presentation of the colors for that year, but also of the people who work together behind the scenes coupled with some fascinating images.


Example for a source of inspiration: “The new Audi A8 unites a strong engine, classy design and maximum comfort- It’s a car that gives you power, energy, and a feeling of freedom. The intoxicating result of a test drive is what you find in the color DARK-Titanium.” (Manuel Heimerl, Head of Sales Administration) Our Inspiration Color Preview 2015 - DARK-Titanium                              


Regarding colors, you might describe the year 2015 as laid-back. The colors have a washed-out appeal, almost as if they have made the journey through several decades. At the same time, there are metallic effects that are clearly future-oriented. Brown will assume a greater role, the entire spectrum of blue will make an appearance, and red with a tinge of blue will experience a revival.


Question: Wasn’t it extremely difficult to get each GRAFE staff member to talk about their inspirations?


Julia Canzler: I think it’s often hard for people to come out and talk openly about their feelings at the beginning. But once I had tapped their inner core, my colleagues spoke freely about their inspirations, so that the time spent on the interviews was just as exciting as the work we had done on developing the colors prior to that. It was so interesting to hear what each person had experienced, how each person felt about the colors and what their personal views were. There were some who were inspired by nature while others were drawn more to technology, music or sports. Their passion was the starting point for this very individual project and I’m happy to be able to share it with our customers.


Example for a source of inspiration: „Istanbul to me is a city of contrasts – I find the women especially fascinating with their dark robes which they often combine with really eye-catching accessories. There is one woman in particular that I remember, she represents Istanbul for me. She is ORIENTAL-Seduction. (Franziska Walz, Sales Administration)



Question: I’m sure you will be presenting other projects in addition to the current Color Preview at the CosmeticBusiness. What things are most important to you at the GRAFE-Design Center?


Julia Canzler: Aside from selecting the colors of the coming season, we try to capture new ideas and unusual moments so we can transfer these to the field of plastics. With our project COLOR WONDERS IN NATURE we would like to extend an invitation to our customers to pause and reflect on the wonders of nature. Vibrant colors and effects in combination with light intoxicate the senses. We present the red of a ripe cherry in the summer rain, the depth of turquoise blue ice in the Antarctic and the radiant green of the jungle.

This project was one that aroused very great interest among our trade visitors at the CosmeticBusiness 2014 in Munich.


Question: You mentioned other projects outside the company?

Last year, besides the current trend colors, we developed a color series called EXCLUSIVE COLORS for our customers. These were premium quality colors for exclusive products. Complex pigments and striking effects that lend a luxurious shimmer to plastics. We all know how the appeal of high-end products begins right from the very first impression. The color „Shiny Diamond“ for example creates a look of shimmering elegance while „Icy Crystal“ highlights an impression of frost, and „Starry Blue“ captures the appeal of the night time starry sky.


Speaking of the night time starry sky, that reminds me of another highlight from our product portfolio – the “Journey to the Stars”. Masterbatches for luminescent plastics are still in great demand. Aside from the usual applications, the appeal of the night time starry sky is truly an impressive experience that is worthwhile discovering. Come and visit us at the FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen: Hall B5, Stand 5306.

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