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Easy-flowing carbon black compounds




Carbon black loading changes the flow properties of polymers significantly. Depending on the application and the base material, a carbon black filling of up to 30 percent is customary for electrically conductive polymer compounds. The GRAFE Polymer Technik, specialists in the modification of thermoplastics to electrically conductive carbon black composites, is presenting a variety of options to optimize the flow properties of carbon black compounds at the FAKUMA.


There is a growing tendency for electrically conductive parts to have ever thinner walls, and to have shapes with longer flow distances. This is why GRAFE Polymer Technik has been working intensively on optimizing the flow properties of carbon black compounds. With the aid of additives, the viscosity of customized compounds can be lowered. Besides modifying additives, the polymer qualities can be adjusted and the combination in the final formulation customized in order to achieve the desired properties. It is important to maintain a balance between the optimal mechanical, physical, chemical and process technical properties.


Visit the GRAFE-Stand at the FAKUMA: Hall B5, Stand 5306.


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