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Lubra-Strip – for a gentle shave


For many men and women, shaving is part of a daily routine. More and more, however, the focus is not just on shaving itself but on what should be a pleasurable experience. The innovative further development of Lubra-Strips helps give the skin a special type of freshness during the morning shave.


Lubra Strip was especially developed for the company Feintechnik from Eisfeld, and integrates skin care ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter. The customer Feintechnik approached Grafe with the request to develop a lubricating film which would have an outstanding surface to glide smoothly over skin. In addition, the Lubra-Strip should be made up mainly of such skin care ingredients and contain only small amounts of plastics for improved adhesion and greater durability. The product is an extrusion grade which integrates natural raw materials into the plastic. In the process that follows, lubricant strips are produced which can then be fitted into razors 




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