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Increased protection against counterfeiting and product piracy through invisible and cost-efficient product marking


The GRAFE Group is presenting an additive masterbatch for thermoplastics. The development is aimed at marking commodities and special products independent of the thermoplastic type or production method. The patent-pending solution is based on a combination of chemical substances which can be clearly identified both qualitatively and quantitatively in the end product through use of XRF (X-ray fluorescence analysis).


The active ingredients in the GRAFE marker masterbatch can be used in all thermoplastics and cannot be destroyed through customary processing methods for plastics. Moreover, they are resistant to solvents and cleaning solutions. It is technically possible to add colors and additives to the masterbatch at any time providing a completely customized solution. As a stand-alone solution, the masterbatch can be used with a lower dosage, normally 1% of total weight. This means there are no significant effects on the color or mechanical properties of the end product, keeping the increase in material costs low.


Through XRF-analysis in its own in-house lab, the GRAFE Group provides customers with technical support and assistance in evaluating marker masterbatches, and with initial validation in production. Customers may also use the testing equipment for the detection of heavy metals and other elements in thermoplastic products (semi-finished and finished products, granulate).


Customers interested in the long lasting, cost-efficient, invisible, and at any time verifiable marking of thermoplastics are invited to test GRAFE’s marker masterbatch. More targeted and exclusive solutions are also available upon request providing an individualized fine-tuning resulting in customized and product-specific marking options.


Visit the GRAFE-Stand at the FAKUMA: Hall B5, Stand 5306.

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