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GRAFE Makes Colors Audible

 Orchestra of the „Franz Liszt“ Music College in Weimar


For the presentation of its 2017 trend colors, the GRAFE-DESIGN-CENTER of the GRAFE-Group in Blankenhain has created a unique highlight: It has succeeded in combining colors and music in a way that has never been experienced before. An orchestra of the „Franz Liszt“ Music College in Weimar was commissioned to record a spectacular „Symphony of Colors“ in which colors are made audible. With this symphony, the GRAFE-Group has managed to combine a palette of color variations created for our eyes with a medley of notes composed for our ears.


„Daniel Mandler composed the symphony exclusively for the GRAFE-DESIGN-CENTER on the basis of the 2017 trend colors“, according to Julia Canzler of the Design & Packaging Division at GRAFE and responsible for the color developments. The Weimar orchestra then recorded the piece and what has emerged is much more than just a pleasurable listening experience. The result is a visual highlight as well. “The musicians were filmed as they worked on the piece in the studio. After four days of filming and extensive post production efforts, the film studio has created an amazing film showing how the colors emerge from the instruments,” explains Canzler.


The result is a DVD that captures the “Color Preview 2017“ in sound and images and will be featured in our annual calendar. The video is also available on the company’s homepage (Link) and can be seen on Youtube (Link). “This unique work of art skillfully unites colors with music and instruments, leaving the listener enchanted by both its sounds and its visuals. From light and dreamy to epic and powerful, this amazing piece of music lends the trend colors a visual representation,” is how Julia Canzler, color expert, describes the atmosphere and idea behind the symphony. Inspired by trade fairs, seminars, talks and her own research, she is responsible for creating the color combinations of each new season.


Characteristic of the 2017 trend colors are their extreme contrasts in which shades of green and blue dominate. These present themselves in rough variations of aquamarine, reflecting the natural greens of forests and meadows.This year’scolor combinations have also become more natural, as greens merge with shades of brown to lend new life to the popular safari style. These are placed in contrast to a deep black and an extreme red.

 Color Preview 2017 - A unique highlight that combines colors and music in a way that has never been experienced before


“There is a special focus on shades of pink that appear artificial and synthetic when set in opposition to the variations of blue and green. This is perhaps suggestive of our yearning for an exotic paradise,” Canzler reveals. Special attention is placed on metallic colors. In 2017 these colors take on a liquid and flowing appearance. Gold and silver also play a special role with gold appearing more natural and elemental, almost as if it were revealing tales of long forgotten times. Silver is no longer a pure metal but appears with a light tinge as in the case of Sound Silver or Polyphonic Silverblue.



The new colors of course would not be complete without nude tones. For the coming season these emerge with a natural paleness. Julia Canzler: „Basically we are talking about white with a touch of yellow or pink.“ She also reports that the 2017 pastels will be more sober-minded, almost as if they are covered by a light blue mist. „The color effects are contrasted in a similar fashion. They may be left out completely or used to set clear accents. Orders between the natural and artificial worlds are seamless and flowing.“ It’s less important whether the colors are opaque, translucent or transparent. Basically, anything is possible.



Find out more about the trend colors of 2017: GRAFE at the Cosmetic Business Munich, 8 – 9 June 2016 -  Hall 4 / Booth D06


Featuring an exclusive presentation of the color expert Julia Canzler, Thursday, 9 June 2016 11:00 - 11:15 in the MOC Event Center Munich








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