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GRAFE gives colors taste

 Tasty Colors


Making colors audible – the trend experts of the GRAFE-Group have already demonstrated these skills. Now, they have gone one step further and provided the colors with taste. In the new project "Tasty Colors", the company's own color creations are presented in a color book. The highlight of this new book is that the ingredients are given for the mixed drinks which are illustrated, so that you can make them on your own.


"The Tasty Colors present a variety of colors which can be hard to resist. Whether individually or in combination, they are so delicious that you want to try some of them," says Julia Canzler, from the Design & Packaging Division at GRAFE, who is responsible for the project. "For example, the crystal-clear Pure Tonic has an effect like the effervescent and fresh basic substance of gin and tonic. In conjunction with Golden Lemon, a yellow-green shade is added, which would like to slide into the cloudy glass like a juicy lime."
The little book offers a total of eleven color/beverage creations. For example, "Violet Sky" takes you to the purple clouds, reminiscent of the cocktail Aviation. By contrast, a translucent brown-orange reflects the light touch of color that distinguishes a Long Island Iced Tea penetrated by a shaft of light. In addition, other classics, such as Margarita, Swimming Pool and Blue Lagoon, are immortalized in color.


Tasty Colors

"In addition to the tempting classics, there is also room for your own creations", reveals Canzler. "Blueberry Night, with the dark blue of the same name, impresses not only with its extremely delicious taste, but also with a dark blue which is as mysterious as the night", says the color-and-taste expert, inviting us to "discover the delicious colors of our little book Tasty Colors. It's worth it." Those interested should act now. Because the little, extraordinary booklet of recipes is only published as a limited edition.


Tasty Colors


 GRAFE at exhibition K2016 in Düsseldorf: hall 6, booth E75

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