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GRAFE looked to the future



GRAFE Future Day


The GRAFE Group ventured a look beyond tomorrow on their „Future Day“ from 6th – 7th September 2016 in Blankenhain. Under the motto “Perspectives for Plastics”, futurologists and trend researchers offered fascinating insights into how the dynamic transformation processes of today’s Zeitgeist are changing society, the consumer world and its markets, and how businesses can develop strategies to effectively utilize this. Speakers from renowned companies in the plastics industry elaborated on these ideas and shed light on future trends of relevance to the business.


„From our research on the Zeitgeist, we know that each decade changes how people think and feel. The demand for products that are successful at the moment, can drop from one day to the next. What are the needs that innovative brands must meet in today’s post-digital age? “asked Kirstine Fratz, managing director of the Hamburg agency ZEITGEIST HANDELN and revealed the secret ingredients of change in a unique trilogy of talks by top-class speakers from the trend and futurology field


The three experts showed how the Zeitgeist works, what factors change the customers of today and tomorrow and how companies can implement effective strategies to utilize these changes. Fratz offered fascinating insights into the dynamics of the Zeitgeist and its power to transform entire markets. „What is in demand today and what will be popular in the year 2030?“ These and other questions were the focus of her talk. Silke Linsenmaier, her colleague and managing co-director spoke on the topic of „Business Trap: Trend”. She advised companies on how to determine which trends are truly relevant for their businesses and how they can achieve success through strategic implementation in saturated markets.

The third speaker was Marc Völler, managing director of Neogarde, a Hamburg studio for trends and a partner for businesses when it comes to thinking and planning ahead. Its focus is on nonlinear systems which are crucial for the market: Different cultures, consumer groups, lifestyles and society as a whole. His topic was: „Design Trends 2018 –What social influences and design trends will take hold in the consumer world? What are the implications for the plastics industry with its colors and patterns?” There were other speakers from big-name companies in the plastics industry who made the event a valuable experience for the guests.


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