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Personnel changes and structural reorientation


GRAFE wants to offer its customers even more targeted service orientation



With personnel changes and a structural reorientation, GRAFE, headquartered in Blankenhain, wants to offer its customers even more targeted service orientation. In March 2019, Stefanie Theuerkauf took over the sales management for the “D-A-CH” region from the previous head of marketing. The vacant position is filled by Manfred Fischer.
In addition, a completely new position was created as Head of Product Management. Danny Ludwig, previously Head of Color & Functional Masterbatches Development, took over this new position in January 2019.

Stefanie Theuerkauf began her training as an industrial clerk at GRAFE in 2012, graduated in 2014 and switched to marketing. One year later she became the head of the department. In 2016 she completed a further professional training as a business economist at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. At the beginning of 2018 she took over Key Account Packaging in addition to her marketing tasks. Stefanie Theuerkauf has been Sales Manager for the “D-A-CH” region since March of this year. "With the restructuring, we want to meet the individual requirements of our customers in this region as quickly as possible," she explains.

Manfred Fischer spent six years in sales in the hotel industry before being promoted from Sales Manager to Sales Director. This was followed by six years in marketing, initially in the hotel industry as a media designer, until he became Head of Marketing at GRAFE in March 2019. "After almost 15 years in the tourism service industry in various positions, it was time for a change and a change of scenery. Plastics processing is therefore exactly the right way to leave the proven paths of recent years and break new ground," says the 33-year-old. His goal is to further develop GRAFE's marketing mix off- and online and to expand the marketing strategy beyond the borders of the European Union.

Danny Ludwig has been with the company for 26 years. From 1999 until 2002 he took over the position as Team Leader Development / Automotive & Film Applications. Until January 2019, he was Head of Development Color & Functional Masterbatches before taking up the new position as Head of Product Management in February. As a product manager,
my job is to strategically position new or existing excellent products and product groups in the market or at the customer's,"
he defines his claim.

"Market evaluations, close contact with the customer and the open eye and ear are indispensable in order to find creative and new approaches. We develop concepts to reach the respective customers or target markets. Therefore it is necessary to plan and coordinate internal and external tasks. What is also new is that product and project management will work more closely together in order to be able to work more efficiently and purposefully with our customers and our sales department. Our goal is to work with our customers to create added value that will give us a team edge in the respective application or product group," says Ludwig.


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