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The GRAFE Group is introducing a new innovation in the field of bio-plastics: With „Bio-Compalen-Paperlike“, it is now for the first time possible to produce foils which can be torn in any direction. This offers an enormous advantage, particularly in the area of security labels.


Up until now, security labels could only be torn in the direction of extrusion. With its new compound, the GRAFE Group has made it possible to produce foils with the same tearing properties lengthwise and crosswise. This feature provides a great advantage over other foils, particularly in the field of security labels. In addition, the foil displays paper-like haptics and very good writability. It comes in white, like paper, but is available in other colors as well. The bio-plastics compound can be made into flat or bubble wrap and requires a relatively low processing temperature which improves the overall ecological balance.

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