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Flow Improver

The resource-optimised production of plastic components, e.g. in the area of packaging, is becoming more and more important. Costs can be saved starting in the production process. This can be achieved by using an additive masterbatch which allows faster processing times at low temperatures.


Packaging is often an integral part of a product. Fluctuating climatic conditions present new challenges for manufacturers and developers. The use of innovative raw materials helps manufacturers of plastic components to meet the requirements of functionality, design, economic efficiency and sustainability. „The demands of our customers for a resource-optimised production of plastic packaging has led us to develop the additive masterbatch Flow Improver,“ said Danny Ludwig, head of Development at the GRAFE Group.


The innovative masterbatch, specially adapted to the final product, opens up new technical and commercial options for the manufacturer. Lower energy consumption and shorter processing times have a direct influence on the cost structure and profit margin of the packaging. The additive masterbatch can be used in all common machines and is suitable for injection, extrusion and blow molding.


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