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Tuesday, 30.09.2014

Data for MOLDFLOW Simulations

Expanding customer service: GRAFE is providing specific data for moldflow-simulations. By expanding its service portfolio, the Thuringian based company is responding to the ever greater demands of the plastics processing industry as well as to the needs and wishes of its customers.


Friday, 26.09.2014

reduced emission carbon black compounds in accordance with binding EU regulation 1272/2013

Electrically conductive products are required to meet high legal standards for the protection of customers. PAH concentrations in materials must never exceed maximum levels wherever there is the possibility of skin contact, even for short periods. The GRAFE Group offers reduced-PAH conductive compounds in accordance with the standards required by the GS seal for tested quality in the Categories 1 – 2, thus complying with the statutory EU directive which will go into effect from December 2015. This directive sets the maximum PAH concentration at 1mg/kg.


Thursday, 18.09.2014

Easy-flowing carbon black compounds

Carbon black loading changes the flow properties of polymers significantly. Depending on the application and the base material, a carbon black filling of up to 30 percent is customary for electrically conductive polymer compounds. The GRAFE Polymer Technik, specialists in the modification of thermoplastics to electrically conductive carbon black composites, is presenting a variety of options to optimize the flow properties of carbon black compounds at the FAKUMA.



Wednesday, 10.09.2014


The GRAFE Group is introducing an innovation in the field of bio-plastics: „Bio-Compalen-Paperlike“ makes it possible to produce foils which can be torn in any given direction. The compound can also be used for HDPE and PP bottle extrusion. It has the additional benefit of being antistatic which reduces the attraction of surface dust.



Monday, 01.09.2014

„Next on my wish list is a …“

3D printing has ushered in a revolution where amateur artists and prototype manufacturers alike can make their wishes come true. 3D printing allows the creation of diverse 3-dimensional objects within the confines of one’s own living room. Entrepreneurs in particular profit from the flexibility of 3D printing as it facilitates the production of prototypes and work pieces. PLA filaments are widely used today in 3D printing. The GRAFE Group offers its customers suitable and individual formulations for 3D printing.


Friday, 29.08.2014

Compounds with thermal conductivity

Polymer materials can be equipped with very special functions by adding fillers and additives. For example, it is possible to modify the electrical or thermal conductivity of plastics in this manner. Thermally conductive polymer materials, in particular, have been growing in popularity through new applications, for example in the automotive industry.


Friday, 22.08.2014

Weight reduction for mobility engineering

Mass mobility, on the streets and in the air, continues to grow steadily. With this in mind, new developments which offer alternatives to traditional materials are of particular importance. A significant factor is the development of increasingly lighter materials for the production of faster and more dynamic vehicles and aircraft.


Friday, 15.08.2014

Portfolio expansion at GRAFE Polymer Technik: Electrically conductive compounds and functional compounds

The GRAFE Polymer Technik is specialized in the modification of thermoplastics for electrically conductive carbon black composites. This year at the FAKUMA trade fair it is presenting many new developments in its extensive product portfolio, as well as the latest edition of its product brochure.


Monday, 11.08.2014

GRAFE once again receives CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE in accordance with UL94 HB

The GRAFE Group has now received UL94 HB certification for its TPU-Telekolen product group. This comes in addition to the approval the company had already received for its PP-Modalen product group back in 2009. With the additional certification, the masterbatch specialist again demonstrates compliance with the stringent safety requirements of the UL standard and underlines the consistently high level of its product quality.


Wednesday, 06.08.2014

A meeting with tomorrow’s trends

Colors can weave magic, inspire and leave you dreaming. In an interview, Julia Canzler, Head of Design und Packaging at GRAFE Design Centers, reveals the secrets behind the 2015 trend colors. She also speaks about some spectacular new developments and the different sources of inspiration for the staff at GRAFE.


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