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Friday, 10.02.2017

HD Kunststoffe certified for quality

The HD Kunststoffe GmbH located in Remscheid, North Rhein-Westphalia, meets all requirements of the EN ISO 50001:2011 for energy management systems and the ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems.


Fantastic Colors
Tuesday, 04.10.2016

Fantastic Colors

Making colors come alive in exceptionally sensual creations – this is what the specialists of the GRAFE-Design-Center of the GRAFE-Group in Blankenhain, Germany is known for within the plastics industry and beyond. Through a collaboration between GRAFE and Eckart, a manufacturer of metal and effect pigments, six fantastic colors in six PET bottles that are embedded in an imaginative story have emerged. With an exceptional shine and a fascinating feel, the metallic tones are charming and temp a person into the world of Fantastic Colors.


Comparison of sample boards of polypropylene produced in the same machine parameters: left with a 3% use of new additive masterbatches and right without the additive masterbatch
Friday, 23.09.2016

New Additive Improves Polymer Melt

The plastics processing industry is about reducing cycle times and thus decreasing production costs and energy consumption, and therefore the injection molding machine or the periphery is mostly targeted. In this process, the polymer itself has potential, if it succeeds in optimizing the processing without negatively influencing the mechanical properties. The GRAFE-Group, Blankenhain carries an additive masterbatch for polyalkenes that meets these requirements.


Tasty Colors
Thursday, 22.09.2016

GRAFE gives colors taste

Making colors audible – the trend experts of the GRAFE-Group have already demonstrated these skills. Now, they have gone one step further and provided the colors with taste. In the new project "Tasty Colors", the company's own color creations are presented in a color book. The highlight of this new book is that the ingredients are given for the mixed drinks which are illustrated, so that you can make them on your own.


Wednesday, 21.09.2016

The GRAFE group has developed a matting agent for the representation of various surface effects in a single step

The trend towards matte surfaces is still continuing. For a few years now, new vehicle models with an extremely matt surface have been becoming more common on the market, standing out clearly from the previous cars that had a metallic finish. This trend is however also noticeable in the consumer goods sector and is desired by many consumers when it comes to elegant, exclusive surfaces. In addition to the requirements of a modern, matte appearance, though, demands on a resistant, scratch-resistant surface are also increasing at the same time. So far, however, this impression has only been possible by means of an expensive reworking or treatment by painting, sandblasting or the use of soft paint or IML films.


Tuesday, 20.09.2016

From pearl shimmer to rainbow colors and the illusion of depth

The GRAFE-Group from Blankenhain, Germany has collaborated with Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH from Roth, Germany to create a unique development project in which light reflections in all the colors of the rainbow shimmer impressively on a plastic surface and create a hologram effect. Subsequently, in collaboration with the responsible for design and production at Koziol GmbH, based in Lauterbach, Germany, this project was successfully implemented for the first time. Koziol is a leading manufacturer of plastic design articles for the home and office. The manufactured product is a beautiful stand with shelves. Advantages of this designer piece are its different surfaces, since they show the effect of the pigment on glossy and matt structures.


Monday, 19.09.2016

The GRAFE GROUP has developed halogen-free, flame-retardant polypropylene compounds

The plastics experts at GRAFE are introducing a halogen flame retardant PP compound, which can be colored as desired. "Our goal was to develop a material that offers halogen-free, flame-retardant and good mechanical properties along with good flowability and the possibility of free coloration," explains Dr. Jan Stadermann, Technical Assistant at GRAFE.


GRAFE Future Day
Thursday, 08.09.2016

GRAFE looked to the future

The GRAFE Group ventured a look beyond tomorrow on their „Future Day“ from 6th – 7th September 2016 in Blankenhain. Under the motto “Perspectives for Plastics”, futurologists and trend researchers offered fascinating insights into how the dynamic transformation processes of today’s Zeitgeist are changing society, the consumer world and its markets, and how businesses can develop strategies to effectively utilize this. Speakers from renowned companies in the plastics industry elaborated on these ideas and shed light on future trends of relevance to the business.


Friday, 05.08.2016

Increased involvement in southern Europe

The GRAFE Group, located in Blankenhain, is stepping up its activities in southern Europe. „We’ve hired two new staff members for Italy and Spain to take care of our customers in both these market regions“, explains Export Manager Johannes Grau. Ivan Iarossi will organize his work from his home office placed in Bergamo while Constanti Ruiz Daura will be taking care of the Iberian region from his strategically located home office in Barcelona.


Orchestra of the „Franz Liszt“ Music College in Weimar
Wednesday, 11.05.2016

GRAFE Makes Colors Audible

For the presentation of its 2017 trend colors, the GRAFE-DESIGN-CENTER of the GRAFE-Group in Blankenhain has created a unique highlight: It has succeeded in combining colors and music in a way that has never been experienced before. An orchestra of the „Franz Liszt“ Music College in Weimar was commissioned to record a spectacular „Symphony of Colors“ in which colors are made audible. With this symphony, the GRAFE-Group has managed to combine a palette of color variations created for our eyes with a medley of notes composed for our ears.


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