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Wednesday, 02.07.2014

Lubra-Strip – for a gentle shave

For many men and women, shaving is part of a daily routine. More and more, however, the focus is not just on shaving itself but on what should be a pleasurable experience. The innovative further development of Lubra-Strips helps give the skin a special type of freshness during the morning shave.



Thursday, 27.03.2014

Function and Color Made to Measure

Dust films on plastic surfaces, e.g. on automobile interiors, are disturbing for the visual impression. Dust accumulation can now be prevented or delayed by means of specially developed static inhibitors that are matched to the respective plastic. Moreover, the conductive inhibitor can be added together with the colorant in a single step.


Monday, 24.03.2014

Energy consultants looking out for new savings potential

Preserving fossil resources and avoiding atomic waste so as to protect future generations and prevent radioactive disasters – such goals can be achieved through the continual development of renewable energy sources. However, the resulting additional costs are passed on to all energy consumers through the German renewable energy surcharge. With the help of GRAFE consultants and special additives these costs can be reduced.


Wednesday, 12.03.2014

Anti-creak – Puts an end to noises

Who is not familiar with the unpleasant sounds and noises of everyday life? When plastic parts rub together they noise can be enough to make your hair stand on end, as the saying goes. New developments in additives are able to eliminate the annoying noises made by plastic parts in household, health and technical environments.



Monday, 17.02.2014

Electrically conductive products from GRAFE – Now with lower PAH

For the protection of consumers, it is required that electrically conductive products meet high legal standards. Wherever they may come in contact with skin, even for short periods, it must be ensured that PAH concentrations in materials do not exceed maximum levels. The GRAFE Group has successfully developed reduced-PAH conductive compounds to meet the standards required by the GS seal for tested quality in the Categories 1 – 2.


Thursday, 06.02.2014

Color Trends for 2014

Colors go in trends that are generally very short-term and come around again quickly. The GRAFE-Design-Center is presenting its 2014 trend colors for plastics packaging masterbatches in a series of creative comic strip adventures.



Wednesday, 29.01.2014

Secure hold with a reliable closing

When the bio-trash begins to smell bad and the bag rips on the way to the trash bin – that may well be the end of a good mood. Protecting the environment is also an important role for bio trash bags. The GRAFE Group took on the task for the company pely-plastic to create an environmentally friendly and sturdy drawstring.


Tuesday, 07.01.2014

Saving Time and Energy

Resource-optimized production of plastic components such as packaging is becoming increasingly important, since cost savings can be made right from the production stage. These are achieved through the incorporation of an additive masterbatch that permits faster processing at lower temperatures.


Friday, 20.12.2013

The use of infra-red transparent (IRT) colors on biologically degradable plastic mulch films

Mulch films can be used when cultivating crops in order to achieve earlier and higher yields as well as to enhance the quality of many different types of vegetables.


Tuesday, 15.10.2013

COLORAKEL: There really are such things as heroes Episode 17

Blankenhain, 2013 – On his last adventure, COLORAKEL discovered a true companion. His little admirer Miss Ladybug had fallen in love with our daring superhero. His next mission will lead COLORAKEL through forests and across meadows and fields until he stops to linger in one of them. And why? Come along and find out as we join him on the adventure that begins NOW!


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