High-performance product from GRAFE works immediately, the effect can last up to four years.

Tuesday, 09/17/2019


Their own high-performance antistatic masterbatch with a long lasting effect, has been further developed by the family business from Blankenhain. The product was introduced at the K 2019. “We have adapted the recipe and optimized it for other carrier materials. Depending on the application and storage conditions, the long-term effect can last up to four years. It occurs immediately after the end product has been manufactured,” explains additive specialist Dr. Carlos Caro, referring to the special feature of the development. “The surface resistance is in the static-dissipative range between 10E6 and 10E9 ohms. These values are very difficult to achieve with other products on the market”.

The high-performance antistatic masterbatch has several compelling effects. It avoids the occurrence of sudden discharges, reduces dust attraction on surfaces and minimizes the risk of explosions. “This provides better protection for both staff and sensitive electrical equipment,” says the expert. “The product can be combined with colour masterbatches or fillers as desired by the customer. The lower dosage of 2 to a maximum of 5 percent results in effective cost savings”.
In addition, the antistatic substances can also be used as lubricants or demoulding aids.

The areas of application for the additive are therefore diverse. “Applications are possible in the areas of film extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulds, staple fibres and nonwovens as well as deep-drawn parts,” explains the expert, but points out that this only applies to the industrial sector. “The high-performance antistatic masterbatch can also be used in the non-food sector for transparent and colourless articles. Applications with food contact or in medical technology are not possible”.

Dust on plastics is caused by electrostatic charging and is a problem for many consumer industries. This is true for example in the packaging industry, where a visual impairment of the article can negatively influence the customer’s purchase decision. Dust on interior plastic parts is also highly undesirable for car manufacturers. For manufacturers of clothing and toys, it is also important to reduce the attraction of dust to surfaces. GRAFE’s high-performance antistatic masterbatch solves this problem.