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Synthetic fibers are the secret to today’s modern clothing and carpet industries and to monofilament production.


Synthetic fibers lend elasticity, low weight and resistance to textiles and other materials. Polyamide and elastane are used, for example, to create perfectly fitting stockings. Viscose is used to produce light-weight clothing while impermeable membranes are the basis for active wear. Synthetic fibers are even in the bank notes we use to pay for our purchases. The truth of the matter is that this material has now become an integral part of our everyday life.

The GRAFE Group can provide you with a wide range of masterbatches and compounds to color and upgrade the functionality of your synthetic fiber products.


Here are a few examples of our innovative product highlights:


  • Cool black masterbatches for synthetic fibers
  • Masterbatches for protection against counterfeiting
  • Luminescent masterbatches


If you would like to develop a special product or complete a particular project, our team will be happy to support you with our comprehensive know-how. We look forward to helping you meet your challenges and responding to your requests.


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