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Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are real all-rounders. They are virtually everywhere in our daily lives.


If all these little helpers were suddenly removed, the result would be overwhelming. The demand for plastics is particularly great wherever ease and functionality are required.


GRAFE is there, wherever color and functionality are needed: We make the tried and proven even better, develop new applications and offer alternatives.


Here are a few examples of applications:


  • Masterbatches for the toy industry
  • Masterbatches for stationery and office supplies
  • Masterbatches for cosmetic articles
  • High-Performance: Colored, electrostatic dissipative plastics:COLORSTAT®


If you would like to develop a special product or complete a particular project, our team will be happy to support you with our comprehensive know-how. We look forward to helping you meet your challenges and responding to your requests.



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