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Transport and logistics

Plastics are the ideal materials to protect transported goods and to organize them in the best way possible. Transport packaging, containers and tarpaulins – regardless of which products need to be moved – plastics provide the perfect balance between durability and low weight to meet the demands of the logistics industry.


If you have a great product, we will help you make sure that it reaches your customers in the same condition it left your production. Do you require specific properties to meet special demands in transport? No problem for us! We deliver masterbatches for sustainable packaging, antistatic packaging or special color variations:


Here are a few examples of our innovative product highlights:


  • Blue, non-migratory, permanently antistatic packaging foil
  • Black, conductive material for single-use or reusable bubble or blister wrapping
  • Compounds for storage and transport containers, packaging for electronic components to protect against electrostatic discharge
  • Compounds containers and packaging with reduced soiling tendency


If you would like to develop a special product or complete a particular project, our team will be happy to support you with our comprehensive know-how. We look forward to helping you meet your challenges and responding to your requests.



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