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There’s a lot packaging has to do: It should protect the product, present it attractively and make it unique.


In addition, it must meet health standards and fulfill legal regulations. That’s quite a tall order.


Just because packaging is safe, doesn’t mean that it can’t be attractive at the same time. We can improve the protection of your packaging while accentuating its uniqueness. We provide solutions for packaging of raw materials, transport packaging and packaging as part of a marketing campaign for your end product. We will help you realize your vision with any colors, unusual effects or customized solutions you may require./p>


GRAFE – We are innovators in color and function. Come and see for yourself:


  • Color-preview
  • Masterbatches for exclusive colors
  • Effect masterbatches


If you would like to develop a special product or complete a particular project, our team will be happy to support you with our comprehensive know-how. We look forward to helping you meet your challenges and responding to your requests.



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