GRAFE turns plastic into a high-tech product and continuously develops innovative functions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.


Compounds for bubble wrap

A packaging that cannot withstand the stress to which it is exposed cannot protect your product. Additives in conventional transport films can also leave deposits on the surface of the packaged goods and contaminate them. Packaging film material made by GRAFE, on the other hand, withstands all mechanical, climatic, and chemical stresses. Whether you want to transport, store, or handle your goods – our disposable and reusable, bubble wrap and air pillow films protect sensitive surfaces and electronic components.

The entire material complies with the automotive standard, so that the films can also be used without problem for overseas transport of vehicle parts.

Efficient packaging solutions to meet the highest demands:

  • a non-migrating, permanently antistatic, blue transparent packaging film with a surface resistance of 109 ohms
  • a conductive, black packaging film with a surface resistance of 104 ohms

Both films are available as compound and masterbatch.




Low-emission PP compound

Polypropylene (PP) is an essential plastic in the modern automotive industry, and the demand for innovative PP materials that can be used, for example, to design car interiors is correspondingly high. With its odorless and low-emission PP compounds, GRAFE has created products that meet this demand. 

Our low-emission PP compounds for blow molding and injection molding applications in automobiles are resistant to heat aging, low-emission, odorless, and reliable when processed.

In various tests, a heat aging stability according to VW 44045 was achieved. The process-optimized formulation helps our customers to improve the processability of their products, the cycle time in production and output.


Electrically conductive, shielding and permanently antistatic compounds

Ecology and sustainability play a central role in the economy as a whole. This is accompanied by growing interest in the field of electromobility. Modern electric vehicles are designed to be more environmentally friendly, lighter and more resource-efficient, which is why plastics are increasingly being used in their construction, replacing heavier materials such as metals and glass. 

Plastics that are especially electrically conductive, shielding, or permanently antistatic are important for electric vehicles. GRAFE is able to customize plastics to the respective material needs so that all requirements in the areas of mechanics, aging and process reliability are fully met.




ABS with short glass fibers

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a compound which is mainly used in the automotive and computer industry to make plastics more resistant and harder.

Exclusively from the GRAFE Research and Development department, a special ABS with short glass fibers is available for self-coloring: COMPALEN ABS GF. This high-tech material has a neutral color, easy colorability, and excellent mechanical characteristics, while meeting both the practical and aesthetic requirements of our customers in full.

The glass fiber content of our COMPALEN ABS GF is variable and can therefore be adapted to the requirements of the respective design.


Permanently antistatic PP compounds for work safety helmets

Another innovation from GRAFE: a permanently antistatic compound for the production of work safety helmets 

Safety and health are always the top priority in all GRAFE developments, but we still leave room for creativity. Based on the DIN standard EN 397, we have developed a head protection that avoids dangers due to impact or shock, while withstanding thermal, chemical and weather-related factors.

The special feature: permanently conductive materials were previously only available in black. Colored safety helmets were not conductive because they could not be provided with an antistatic finish. The newly developed, permanently antistatic PP compound from GRAFE makes exactly this possible – a helmet that is conductive and colored at the same time. With the brilliant colors from the GRAFE Colorstat® series, the safety helmet can be colored blue, yellow, white, red or brown. The PP material was specially developed for lightweight designs and can be supplemented with additional elements using 2K injection molding, such as photoluminescent plastic elements that do not require an additional light source.













Masterbatches, additives or compounds – we are specialists in the modification of plastics and support you in the development of your tailor-made products. Our color designers and plastics specialists support you in your projects with creativity and inspiration.

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