Plastics are real all-rounders, they are used almost everywhere in our daily lives, and the perfect coordination of color and product-specific properties is one of our particular strengths.

If all these little helpers suddenly disappeared, the effect would be overwhelming. Especially where lightness and functionality are required, the demand for plastics is high.

Whenever color and function play a role, we are there to help: we improve the tried and tested, develop new products and offer alternatives.

GRAFE makes the world a bit more colorful

A child’s hearty laugh when playing or bright eyes when unwrapping gifts – none of that would be possible without the bright colors of GRAFE. We work in all industries with the highest precision in color adjustment, so that our customers can achieve the best color effects in their products. Of course, we make sure that all our masterbatches and compounds comply with the necessary safety standards so that our little ones grow up well protected.

Whether it’s toys, colored pencils, or baby items, GRAFE is aware of its responsibility as a family-run company and many brand manufacturers therefore rely on our expertise.

A strong partner for industry and trade

GRAFE turns plastic into a high-tech product. Renowned premium manufacturers in the electronics industry and the tooling sector rely on this. Wherever plastics have to withstand particular stress to protect users or the product itself, GRAFE offers perfect solutions with its masterbatches and compounds.

Whether it’s antistatic housing parts to protect sensitive device electronics or specially modified plastics to make handles more abrasion-resistant, with GRAFE you have a competent industry expert at your side who understands you and your products.

Function and color in harmony

If you look at any home furnishings, household appliances or decorative items, you will discover a multitude of plastic parts. GRAFE is your partner when it comes to modifying thermoplastics. With our many years of experience, we are able to respond specifically to product requirements and thus implement the wishes of our customers. Products for everyday life not only have to withstand specific stresses and strains, they should also catch the customer’s eye with impressive appearance. This is achieved with the masterbatches and compounds from GRAFE.

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, we work with our customers to create products for all aspects of life.

Filen masterbatches for melt spun fibers

Color determines a product like no other factor. It is a design feature, marketing instrument and marking element. Your specific requirements are our benchmark. Filen masterbatches for melt spun fibers are available in all international color standards and in accordance with individual color templates. We also offer specialties such as masterbatches for spun-dyed synthetic fibers to give thermochromic, photochromic, fluorescent and photoluminescent effects. Our fiber laboratory is equipped with the most modern devices for colorimetric and analytical investigations. We also have an efficient spinning stand and a separate texturing unit.

We guarantee our customers exact and fast color matching and short sampling and delivery times.

Masterbatches for:

  • Cosmetic products
  • Medical technology
  • Stationery

Masterbatches for the:

  • Fiber industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Toy industry
  • Tool manufacturers

Compounds for the:

  • Electronics industry








Masterbatches, additives or compounds – we are specialists in the modification of plastics and support you in the development of your tailor-made products. Our color designers and plastics specialists support you in your projects with creativity and inspiration.


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