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Corporate social responsibility

The GRAFE Group is the German specialist for modifying thermoplastics. As a modern company, we are aware of our responsibility to our staff, our region and to future generations.


We live up to our responsibility. GRAFE is an active sponsor in the areas of education, culture and sports. These are some of our activities:


Support for the arts: The Weimar School of Painting and Drawing

Colors are our passion – not only in the form of masterbatches and compounds. Following in the footsteps of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Duchess Anna Amalia and Duke Carl August, we also support the Weimar School of Painting and Drawing, one of the oldest art schools of its kind in Germany.

Support for sports and motivation: The Weimar City Run and the “Rennsteiglauf”

There are many sport enthusiasts among our staff at the GRAFE Group. Our athletes regularly take part in such events as the Weimar City Run, during the weekend of the Onion Market, and the „GutsMuths-Rennsteiglauf“. GRAFE: Always a little bit faster – Sports motivates teams and strengthens team spirit.

Support for education: Children‘s newspaper “Lindenschule”

The foundation for a good and broad-based education must be laid in early years. The GRAFE Group has assumed sponsorship of a newspaper for the „Lindenschule“, a Blankenhain Elementary School.

Every two weeks the school receives copies of the children’s newspaper „Meine Kleine“. In addition to reading about many interesting and exciting things, the newspaper helps the children to improve their reading skills and shows them that learning is fun.

Support for excellent achievement: GRAFE High School Award for Natural Sciences

We invest in the top performers of tomorrow. The GRAFE High School Award for Natural Sciences is given annually on the basis of excellent achievement in the southern area of Weimarer Land.

The award is given to top academic performance in the field of natural sciences throughout high school and is endowed with 1,000 euros.

Support for unusual ideas: The GRAFE Creative Award

Creativity is always in need of support. The GRAFE Creativity Award enables its winners to take part in the Art Fair PREVIEW BERLIN. With this award, we give students at the Weimar Bauhaus University the opportunity to introduce themselves and their art to an international public.

Support for the economy of the future: The Wissensfabrik e.V. (Knowledge factory)

GRAFE supports Germany as a business location. We work together with around 100 other companies and foundations in the Wissensfabrik e.V. to secure the future of our economy.

The association campaigns, in particular, for the training of future generations and for a modern entrepreneurship. With training partnerships, the association stimulates and supports interest in business and technology among today’s youth – from pre-schoolers to college students. Young company founders receive fresh ideas and business savvy through a mentoring program. We are happy to provide support for this program.

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