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At the GRAFE Group we are interested in more than our own research and development. Sharing experience with other manufacturers in the packaging, plastics and automotive industries is of particular importance to us.


In addition to an exchange of information and experience, we work to develop new products in cooperation agreements. We support the industry internal promotion of young staff and the public representation of common interests.


The GRAFE Group is a member of the following associations among others:


logo polymermat


The GRAFE Group is a member in the PolymerMat e.V. – a network founded to support the expertise and interests of plastics entrepreneurs throughout Thuringia. In the organization we work together with other companies to exchange information and develop new ideas for the industry.


The organization also advocates the interests of the plastics industry in politics and furthers the development and support of Thuringia as an attractive location for business.


logo dvi

Dvi (German Packaging Industry)

The Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut e.V. is where the knowledge and expertise of the packaging industry comes together. The members of the institute, to which the GRAFE Group belongs, focus their activities on the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.


The dvi is involved in further education and qualification, political lobbying, and promoting contacts among its members. At the same time it provides ongoing and active support for important public relations activities across the entire packaging industry.


logo automotive thueringen

automotive thüringen

The automotive thüringen e.V. has, including the GRAFE Group, approximately 110 members from the automotive industry and its suppliers. In total, the members of this organization employ roughly 30,000 people in Thuringia.


The main activities of the organization are to support communication structures among businesses in the industry, between businesses and the media, and between businesses and the Thuringian government.




Wissensfabrik - Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V.

The Wissensfabrik,e.V. unites approximately 100 companies of all sizes and industries. The primary goal of the GRAFE Group and the other members is to make Germany‘s economy ready for the future and to prepare coming generations for the challenges of a knowledge-based society. The organization supports practical projects in the areas of education and business in partnership with schools and kindergartens.

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