Highly effective additive masterbatches instead of expensive special plastics

Monday, 8.11.2021



GRAFE optimises properties of numerous high-performance and technical materials

Highly effective additive masterbatches with low dosage to improve the properties in engineering materials are recommended by GRAFE, Blankenhain, as an alternative instead of specially modified high-performance plastics. “The use of our additive batch enables a more stable processing window of e.g. PPA, the melt flow is improved, the components cool down more evenly and easier mould filling is generated in injection moulding applications,” explains Danny Ludwig, Head of Product Management Color & Functional Masterbatches at GRAFE.

According to him, a PPA material, for example, can be processed at lower temperatures and with reduced injection pressure on the injection moulding machine. “Overall, the friction forces are lower, which means that burns or damage to critical geometries can be avoided and more complex elements can be realised,” says Ludwig. The surface quality of the components is also improved and demoulding is made easier. “Overall, a significant reduction in cycle time can be achieved,” reports the expert.

GRAFE has a wide range of additives for high-performance and technical materials, including PPA, PSU, PA6, PA6.6, PA GF, PET, PBT and POM. “The dosage is between one and four per cent, depending on the task and the problem to be eliminated,” Ludwig explains. Depending on the polymer and application, numerous beneficial effects can be achieved at lower cost compared to special plastics. These include optimised flowability, shorter cycle times, the realisation of more complex component geometries in the injection moulding process without increased stress on the material, a nucleating effect, better component mechanics and improved surface quality.