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Any packaging that is unable to meet transport requirements cannot protect the product that it is meant to. Additives from traditional transport film can settle on the surface of the packaged materials and soil them.


Packaging films produced by the GRAFE Group, however, are able to meet all mechanical, climatic and chemical requirements. Whether it used for the transport, storage or handling of your goods, our disposable or reusable bubble wrap and pillow packs protect sensitive surfaces and electronic components.


All materials meet with automobile industry standards so that the films can safely be used for the overseas transport of automotive components.


The GRAFE Group provides two efficient packaging solutions that meet even the highest requirements:


  • A blue, non-migratory, permanently antistatic, transparent packaging film with a surface resistivity of 109 ohm.
  • A black, conductive packaging film with a surface resistivity of 104 ohm.


Both films are available as masterbatch and compound.

Low Emission PP Compound

Low emissions – High impact


Polypropylene (PP) is an essential plastic for use in today’s automotive industry. This has led to an equally high demand for innovative PP materials which can be used to equip car interiors. With our odorless and low emission PP compounds, GRAFE has developed products to fulfill these needs.


Our low emission PP compound for blow molded and injection molded applications in cars are heat-aging resistant, low-emission, odorless and ensure process-reliability.


Its heat-aging stability in accordance with VW 44045 has been proven in a series of tests. The process-optimized formulation helps our customers to ensure best possible processability and production cycle times while further lowering emissions.

Electrically conductive, shielding and permanently antistatic compounds

Powerful and sustainable


Ecology and sustainability are of key importance in every industry today. This goes hand in hand with an ever growing interest in the area of electric mobility. The modern electric mobile should be greener, lighter and use fewer resources. This is where the heightened use of plastics comes into play. Plastics are increasingly replacing heavier materials such as metal and glass.


In particular, electrically conductive, shielding or permanently antistatic plastics are of major importance for electrically powered vehicles. The GRAFE Group is able to customize plastics in order to meet the highest demands of varying materials with regard to mechanics, aging and process safety.

ABS with short glass fibers

Tough on the outside – safe on the inside


ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a compound which is used mainly in the automotive and computer industries in order to endow plastics with greater mechanical resistance.


An innovation exclusively from the GRAFE Group’s research and development department is a special ABS with short glass fibers for self-coloring: COMPALEN ABS GF. This high-tech material is characterized by the neutrality of its own color, the ease with which it can be colored and excellent mechanical properties. It is able to satisfy the highest practical and aesthetic requirements of our customers.


The glass fiber content of our COMPALEN ABS GF is variable and can be adapted to the requirements of individual designs. The formulation can be colored in our facilities upon request.

Permanently antistatic PP-compounds for safety helmets

Helmets can save lives


Another new product from the GRAFE Group: a permanently antistatic compound for the manufacture of safety helmets.


Health and safety are always among the top development priorities at GRAFE. But we still leave ample room for creativity. We have developed a material for safety helmets that meets the requirements of DIN EN 397. It protects against the dangers of impact or blows to the head and is resistant against thermal, chemical and climatic influences.


Up until now, permanently conductive materials have only been available in standard black. Safety helmets in other colors were not electrically conductive because they could not be made antistatic. The special feature of GRAFE’s newly developed permanently antistatic PP compound is its availability in a range of colors. It is a helmet that is conductive and colored at the same time. Using the vibrant colors from GRAFE’s Colorstat® series, the safety helmet can be colored blue, yellow, white, red and brown. The PP material has been especially developed for lightweight designs. Using 2K injection molding, additional design elements can be added. These may include, for example, plastic elements that light up in the dark without requiring additional light sources.



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