GRAFE wants to demonstrate the potential of the material with clear positioning – plastics improve the world.

Dienstag, 17.09.2019


Huge patches of garbage in the ocean, particles in the Arctic, a ban on disposable bags and straws: Everyone is talking about plastic, but its reputation is not a good one at the moment. The company GRAFE, headquartered in Blankenhain, wants to take advantage of these difficult times to break new strategic ground at K 2019 and demonstrate a clear positioning ” promote plastics”. The company will be presenting its entire development potential on a considerably larger, 217 square metre stand under the motto “Plastics have improved the world – GRAFE improves plastics”.

“Plastic is not just plastic and far more than just a film,” explains Managing Director Matthias Grafe. “Based on our advertising campaign, which has been running since the spring, we aim to show that the material has played an important role in improving many areas of life. We want to present a positive attitude – against the current mood and the distrust that can be found everywhere at the moment”. According to the managing director, the world’s leading trade fair for the sector provides the most suitable platform for this.

There are enough examples of the material’s importance, says Grafe, referring to weight savings in many areas of mobility, such as automotive and aircraft construction, but also in sports and leisure. Design represents another positive aspect, for example in high-gloss optics for consumer electronics. In medical technology, plastic helps to save lives. The food industry also benefits from packaging that makes products more durable or supports the cultivation of plants.

“The demands placed on plastics have risen rapidly in recent years. Whether thermal insulation, sound insulation, resistance to weathering and chemicals, antistatics, electrical insulation or flame retardancy – nowadays there are countless functions that can be incorporated into polymers.  These raise material properties to a new level from which many user industries benefit,” says the managing director. In the discussion about the disadvantages, one must never lose sight of the far greater advantages.

With its advertising campaign, GRAFE illustrates developments with which plastic has improved our lives today. Five campaign motifs juxtapose modern innovations with historical equipment. In this way, the company provides arguments in support of plastic and shows its wide range of possible applications. With the new customer portal, which will also be launched at K 2019, the company is also investing in digitization and offering its customers the opportunity to tap further into the material’s potential.