GRAFE turns plastic into a high-tech product and continuously develops innovative functions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.


New High Performance Antistatic Masterbatch

GRAFE’s exclusive High Performance Antistatic agent has a surface resistance in the static-dissipative range between 106 and 109 ohms. This high antistatic protection helps to avoid sudden discharges of technical devices, reduces dust attracted to surfaces and minimizes the danger of sudden explosions, thus providing special protection for sensitive electronic devices.

More than three years of research prove the long-term effect of our antistatic masterbatch, which takes effect as soon as the end product is made. The high performance antistatic masterbatch can be combined with color masterbatches or fillers as required. By using low dosages, our customers save costs without being restricted in their design ideas and production processes.




Gloss and metallic masterbatch

The polypropylene film composite provides brilliant, streak-free color effects on any surface. The resulting innovative gloss and metallic looks open up previously inconceivable possibilities for our customers’ designs. Plastic parts in automobiles should be inexpensive, high-quality and lightweight. In addition to these properties, haptics and mechanical properties also play a central role. An effect surface always posed a problem for manufacturers when flow lines occur at material accumulations, breaks and seams in the end product. Until now, the only option was to finish the corresponding parts in complex downstream processes.

GRAFE provides the innovation for designs without reworking and with no compromises. Our polypropylene film composite allows brilliant, streak-free color effects on any grain surface. The simplest process control combined with highest variability guarantees maximum cost efficiency.

The polyolefin film is dyed with a specially developed masterbatch and has a wall thickness of less than 400 µm. Since the film and component carrier are made of polypropylene, an optimum bond can be guaranteed in the injection molding process without pretreatment.

Combinations are also possible: substrate and cover film can be produced in both transparent and translucent forms. Here the cover film is given the desired translucent metallic effect. In this combination, the composites can also be illuminated. Especially in the vehicle interior, it is possible to play with several colors and give components an elegant appearance, so that the vehicle interior appeals to customers on an emotional level.

It is also possible to carry over the paint appearance from the exterior to the plastic application in the interior. The gloss and metallic effect in the PP film composite allows different grains to appear on one component. Flexibility for the user is increased even further by a simple change of decor or film within the process.

The composite of PP film and PP material means that the end product is 100 percent recyclable.


UV masterbatch for PC double-webbed sheets

Ultraviolet light is essential in nature – it creates growth and biological equilibrium. However, ultraviolet light is also a relatively high-energy radiation that constantly presents challenges to masterbatch manufacturers. Ultraviolet light causes plastics and colors to age. The durability of plastic components decreases significantly. Plastics are therefore made more resistant with the help of ultraviolet absorbers.

Twin-wall sheets (or double-webbed sheets) are normally made from polycarbonate. Unlike PMMA or polyolefins, PC is highly susceptible to high-energy radiation, loses its strength over time and becomes increasingly yellow.

Manufacturers usually use PC compounds with an addition of around 5 to 6 percent of UV absorbers. These compounds are mainly used in coex processes. The thickness of the layer and thus the concentration of UV absorbers on the surface subsequently determine the guaranteed service life of the twin-wall sheet in outdoor applications.

The UV masterbatch for PC twin-wall sheets recently developed by GRAFE offers the advantages of highly concentrated additive masterbatches and contains 50 percent of the active substance in addition to optical brightener and a fining agent. The masterbatch is added to the pure PC in a quantity of 10 to 12 percent and applied to the twin-wall sheet. GRAFE’s flexible production technology allows the use of different UV absorbers, depending on the customer’s technical or financial requirements. This saves costs of up to 30 percent compared to conventional products. Further savings are achieved as a result of fast transport and easy storage of about one tenth of the quantities of masterbatches otherwise used.




Cool Black applications in synthetic fibers

Cool Black is a masterbatch for dark to black colors which prevents dark surfaces of polyamide or PET yarns from heating up due to heat absorption. In contrast to colors containing soot, Cool Black significantly reduces heat development.

Cool Black ensures that only the range of thermal radiation (in the near infrared or NIR range) from 700 nm is allowed through, which means that the surface of the end product is perceived as much more pleasant and cooler due to the reduced heat absorption. Thanks to the chemical compatibility of the colorants used in PA and PET, an alternative formulation for PP with the same effect is also available.


Forgery protection

The GRAFE Group offers you an innovative additive masterbatch: a combination of chemical substances for product labeling. These can be set in terms of the quality and quantity in the end product by means of X-ray fluorescence analysis.

The additive masterbatch is intended for use in the field of synthetic yarns and fibers – both for commodity products and for specialties based on PP, PA and PET. The active ingredients in the marker masterbatch can also be used universally in many other plastics. Common processing methods for thermoplastics, solvents, washing solutions, dye baths and spinning oils do not harm the masterbatch.

Another option is combination with colors in the masterbatch – a complete solution for special requirements. With our in-house XRF system, we offer technical support and assistance in the evaluation of the marker masterbatch in the laboratory or during initial validation in production.




Masterbatches for photoluminescent plastics

Plastics that glow in the dark are mainly used in the toy industry and in the production of fashion and promotional items. In addition, photoluminescent pigments play an important role in the authentication of brands and in the field of document security.

Until now, it has only been possible to provide products with a green-gray afterglow tone. With the innovative masterbatches from GRAFE, products can now shine in brilliant red, green, yellow, and blue. The colors are stable even in daylight, opening up completely new possibilities for designers.


Masterbatches for film applications

The GRAFE Group supplies masterbatches and compounds for innumerable application areas. In the area of film application, we offer an absolute innovation in plastics production:

coloring of film material – especially very thin films – requires a formulation with a high dispersion quality. The real challenge, however, is incorporation of metallic particles, the structure of which is relatively large in relation to the film thickness and thus difficult to process. Our Research department has developed the appropriate solution for this. For example, we have developed an outer shell design for a complete series of suitcases for the luggage manufacturer Samsonite. This special design has a metallic effect with a carbon look and film material for the surface of the suitcases. Our masterbatch can be processed easily and at the same time provides high color brilliance and a metallic gloss.




Biocolen – biodegradable masterbatches

Sustainability and ecology are becoming increasingly important not only in industry but also in our society, and new standards and stricter regulations have led to a rethink in plastics production.

Under the brand name Biocolen, GRAFE offers its customers masterbatches for the coloring of biodegradable plastics. Plastics based on renewable raw materials open up new avenues for a closed recycling cycle by saving crude oil, among other things.

A revolution: masterbatches that are not only biodegradable, but also have the same brilliant color shades and technical properties as classic masterbatches. During the development of the biodegradable masterbatches, in addition to tests for compostability we also carried out tests for strength, light and weather resistance and aging. The films tested were completely broken down after only two weeks and were no longer detectable. Biocolen thus meets the European standard EN 13432.



















Masterbatches, additives or compounds – we are specialists in the modification of plastics and support you in the development of your tailor-made products. Our color designers and plastics specialists support you in your projects with creativity and inspiration.

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