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Color Preview 2014


In the GRAFE DESIGN CENTER, Dr. Coloris, the color psychologist, is using the most advanced scientific methods to his search for the colors of the future.


And after he leaves his office at the end of the day, Dr. Coloris becomes:




Come along with COLORAKEL on his adventurous search for inspiration and take a look through his special glasses at the colors of 2014.

His work provides the stimulus for the GRAFE DESIGN CENTER as he focuses on fresh, new color impressions – some of which can only be found in people’s imagination.


Click here to follow the episodes of his exciting search.


1. Transparent-Purple

During the day, the much-respected color psychologist Dr. Coloris conducts research with highly sophisticated methods in the laboratories of the GRAFE DESIGN CENTER. However, at the end of his working day, he is transformed into the courageous hero, COLORAKEL. Come along and join him on eighteen of his breath-taking adventures and have a look through his special glasses at the colors for 2014. The adventure begins right NOW.

Our hero’s first story begins not by saving the world or with any other typical super-hero story. No, it begins in a practice. Not just in any practice, but in a psychologist’s practice. We see a ghost lying on the couch and talking about his life, describing his fears towards others and the feelings they evoke. “I always feel like people can see right through me“, says the ghost. As COLORAKEL listens attentively, he discovers a subtle purple shimmer in the ghost’s otherwise transparent gown. It’s such a subtle shimmer that he drifts off into dreamland. Yet almost immediately, COLORAKEL returns to his senses and answers the enchanting patient.

„Dear ghost, upon first glance, your appearance does seem transparent but upon closer observation, there appears to be a purple glow hidden in the depths of your being. You are truly an inspiration for my Color Preview 2014 and I shall call this color TRANSPARENT-PURPLE. The whole world will see you now through different eyes and be amazed, for you are indeed something very special.”

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

2. Rapunzel-Silver


In his first adventure, our super hero COLORAKEL succeeds in breathing new life into a transparent ghost as he enables the ghost to see himself in a new light. In the next fascinating episode, COLORAKEL, equipped with his special glasses, finds himself standing in front of a broken-down, dilapidated tower which appears, at first glance, to be isolated and abandoned. But come along and see for yourself – the adventure begins right NOW.

In the middle of the forest, standing in a large, overgrown clearing, is a tower. The tiles on the roof are broken and the stones are crumbling down from the walls. The giant tower appears to be uninhabited and abandoned. ´Has anybody ever lived here?´, COLORAKEL asks himself. No door, only a single window allows him a glimpse inside the tower. Undaunted and fearless, our super hero embarks on his mission and discovers a woman, who seems to have lived for many years in the tower. It’s Rapunzel, with her long hair reaching down to the floor. But isn’t her hair supposed to be golden? „Yes, it was golden, but I’ve been waiting now for over fifty years for someone to come and rescue me“, she says. However, our super hero COLORAKEL is only listening with half an ear. For upon closer observation, he notices that her silver glittering hair has a metallic luster that makes it seem almost like chrome. Unable to take his eyes off this remarkable effect, he speaks to the enchanted lady.

„Dear Rapunzel, I am on a quest to find the colors of the coming season and am fascinated by the color of your shining silver hair. I shall call it RAPUNZEL-SILVER. All the world shall know this color and you will never ever be forgotten again”.

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

3. Fairy-Dust


In the last episode, our superhero COLORAKEL was able to save Rapunzel, whose hair had acquired a silver luster over the years in captivity. His journey led COLORAKEL out of a dense and overgrown forest into the land of fairies and sorcerers. This is where his next adventure awaits him. Get ready for a few surprises as this adventure begins right NOW.

In a strange and far-away place, there is a land of enchanted beings. It is the land of fairies and sorcerers: a magical land where the impossible suddenly becomes possible and dreams become true. Filled with excitement and curiosity about his new adventure, and eager to hopefully be inspired by a glimpse of new colors, our superhero COLORAKEL rushes off to the land of hopes and dreams. He approaches the border to this magical land with great anticipation, for even a superhero has dreams and aspirations. It doesn’t take long before he encounters one of the enchanted inhabitants, who looks him in the eyes and with a wave of her magic wand … Oh no, what’s happened? COLORAKEL is left standing in his birthday suit with only his cap and special glasses! Giggling, the fairy explains: „Sorry, but I thought you said you wanted something a bit more funky and fresh.”

„Dear fairy, you were right about my wish. But I must admit that I feel much better in my colortex-inspiration suit with trendy knee and elbow patches, with which I am certainly better-equipped in my search for the latest color inspirations. I beg you from the bottom of my heart to conjure up and return my superhero outfit. Without it, I just don’t have the courage to venture out into the world and no one will ever hear about the unique purple color of your fairy dress. I’m completely spellbound by its captivating metallic sheen. I shall call this inspiration FAIRY-DUST. This shade of purple will capture the world and spirit it away to a far-off land.“

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

4. Arctic-Snow


In his quest to discover color inspirations for the coming season, our superhero COLORAKEL embarks on exciting adventures and encounters all sorts of people, animals and fantasy creatures. On his last journey, COLORAKEL met a fairy who rendered him speechless by immediately fulfilling his wish without wasting a word. For his fourth adventure, our superhero ventures out onto the cold ice with his special suit and glasses. Bundle up to stay warm -the adventure begins right NOW.

In the freezing cold and icy wind, COLORAKEL sets out on journey against a backdrop of craggy mountains, glaciers, pack ice and crystal-clear water. On a sheet of floating ice, out in the Arctic Ocean, between gigantic table ice bergs inhabited by the most unusual animals, he encounters a grumpy old polar bear. COLORAKEL immediately senses a chance to discover a new color inspiration first hand and asks the polar bear what he thinks will be the next trend color. „The next trend color? Well, at least for the past 5,000 years, it’s been snow.” COLORAKEL is amazed as he looks around and realizes that the old polar bear no longer appreciates the beauty of his surroundings.

Our little hero decides to make the beauty and elegance of this world visible to him again and replies: „My dear polar bear, why do you look so grim? You are a wonderful animal and your magnificent fur is radiant in the arctic sun. Now just look around and see how this unique arctic world sparkles and glitters. I have never before seen a place of such cool and elegant beauty. This blue luster is not simply ICE. No, it is a color inspiration for me that I shall call ARCTIC-SNOW. There is no name more fantastic than this to capture the breathtaking landscape of the eternal ice”.

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

5. Pearly-White

Our superhero COLORAKEL is ready for the most exciting adventures; be they on land, sea or even in the depths of the ocean. No journey is too far in his search for the latest color inspirations. Not even the freezing cold can deter him as we saw in his last adventure to the arctic, where he was able to restore the stubborn polar bear’s sense of wonder for the beauty surrounding him. He is even willing to part with his superhero boots in this next chapter. We’re eager to see what happens in the latest episode that begins right NOW!


Still feeling a tiny bit frozen from the Arctic Ocean, COLORAKEL’s next journey leads him to the South Seas. Fascinated by the many islands and people that he meets, our hero embarks on a ship that carries him far out to sea. A spectacular world is revealed to him. No, not out on the ocean, but deep under the ocean where he discovers gigantic coral reefs and many strange and wonderful animals. Never before has he seen anything like it. But to be honest, our superhero is on a search for someone in particular, his Pearly. He finally discovers her after searching for ages through the reefs and the many schools of fish. Pearly, the sea shell, had already heard that COLORAKEL was searching for her and was anxious to finally meet him. As soon as she laid eyes on him she said: „Of course, I can produce those for your company but I want my own aquarium and a seafood-free cantine!“ Happy to have finally contacted the lady, COLORAKEL replied:

„My dearest Pearly, I am overjoyed to have finally found you after searching the endless seas for so long. You and your unique treasure are even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams. I can’t take my eyes off of you. This mother-of-pearl with just a touch of red is so silky, I feel as if it could just slip through my fingers. I’m taking you back to the GRAFE Design Center where you will serve as my color inspiration PEARLY-WHITE, and I promise you the largest and most spectacular aquarium to match your beauty”.

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

6. Lady-Like


COLORAKEL, a very special kind of superhero, always on the lookout for new color inspirations for the GRAFE Design Center, is ready for another breathtaking adventure. In his last episode, on his search for PEARLY, he slipped into his special diving suit and persuaded the elegant sea-shell to come back with him to his company to create the most beautiful pearl colors. Now he is off to the land of the giants to seek out new color inspirations. Get ready to come along on his latest adventure that begins right NOW!

COLORAKEL is on a new mission to track down a huge warrior by the name of Goliath. On his search for the giant he comes across a green valley winding its way between two rocks and curving along past a beautiful meadow. There, in front of a stone wall, COLORAKEL recognizes a massive figure. But who is it, our superhero asks himself: „Goliath in pumps?” The creature’s big, strong hands are wrapped around a tree trunk where branches poke out like little nails. “Boom, boom, boom,” it echoes as the creature approaches COLORAKEL. Bits of rock crumble off and tumble down the slope while the branches on the trees around him snap and break as the giant pushes them aside. Then the giant speaks: „What do you mean by „Goliath in pumps?!“ Of course I am a lady!“ Somewhat confused and frightened, COLORAKEL responds:

„My dearest lady, I first caught a glimpse of the magnificent shimmer of your dress which resembles my own from far off in the distance. But it was only after you emerged from between the two high oak trees, that I have been able to fully recognize your true beauty. Your skin is superb, it looks so tender as it radiates softly in the light of the sun. Never before, have I laid eyes on such an elegant color – I’d like to name it LADY-LIKE. I am COLORAKEL out on a mission to discover the color inspirations for 2014. Please don’t harm me. I want to carry your color out into the world so that everyone can see your true beauty.“

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

7. Mermaid-Cream


In his last adventure our superhero made his way to the land of the giants, where size really did matter. His next expedition will lead COLORAKEL out of the green valley, far away from the rocks, out on to the open sea to do some fishing. But what does our superhero really want to catch? Certainly not fish. Let’s take a journey on his latest adventure that begins right NOW!

Behind him lies a land filled with huge creatures, who can touch their noses to the tree tops without even standing on their tip toes – the land of the giants. Still feeling somewhat stunned, COLORAKEL wants to relax a bit while fishing and has just reached into his superhero suitcase to unpack his special fishing rod. The desire to linger a bit longer becomes stronger as he listens to the sound of the sea in his ear and gazes out over the vast expanse of water. But he is, of course, still our superhero COLORAKEL out on a mission to discover the color inspirations for the GRAFE Design Center and to capture these with his special glasses. However, his thoughts keep drifting off as he closes his eyes and enjoys a tremendous feeling of calm and well-being. But what’s that? Suddenly he sees a beautiful woman in the water in front of him. It’s a mermaid. Above her head, dangles a hook with a worm basking in the warmth of the sun. COLORAKEL jumps with fright as the mermaid speaks to him in her soothing voice: „If you want to hook up with me, you’ll have to come up with something more creative!“ Calm and collected, the little man answers:

„My dear mermaid, I am superhero COLORAKEL and my last adventure was very exciting. I wanted to take it easy now and rest a bit here in this calm and heavenly place. I wasn’t expecting to meet a single sole here, and certainly nothing as beautiful as yourself. The delicate green you are wearing is so light and creamy - as if a light breeze has just glided through cream. You are truly an inspiration for a new color that I shall call MERMAID-CREAM. The whole world will fall in love with you and your beauty.“

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

8. Intergalactic-Power


What would a superhero be without feelings? Probably not a superhero. For a real superhero has a heart for everything under the sun, be it earthling, nature or our planet. In his last adventure, COLORAKEL with his love rescued a mermaid and saved her from a terrible fate. This next episode leads COLORAKEL high up beyond the clouds up into the spheres where the air is rare. Shall we begin? The adventure begins right NOW!

In faraway galaxies, way up high beyond the clouds COLORAKEL is setting off on a journey into the endless expanse of the universe. Surrounded by 100 billion stars: small and large ones, light and dark ones, uninhabited and inhabited ones. But where are the inhabitants of these stars? Suddenly he discovers one of the aliens up on the star named Greenicus. He looks very sad. When COLORAKEL asks him what the matter is he answers that he would love to come down to earth but that „Beaming has become too expensive since they raised electricity prices“. Unable to conceal his good mood, COLORAKEL answers:

„My dear little inhabitant from the star Greenicus, I am superhero COLORAKEL and on the lookout for the colors of the coming season. Take a closer look at the color of your skin. It is so fresh and vibrant, bursting with the joy of life. INTERGALACTIC-POWER will be the new name for your brilliant green and it will carry us to all the interesting places in the universe with its energy and imagination.“

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

9. Thorny-Green


COLORAKEL is there wherever his intellect, courage and help are needed. Fearless in his special suit and goggles, he journeys to the most out of the way places making the impossible possible. After his adventure in the distant galaxy where he provides the little green man with enough energy and imagination to journey down to earth, he now finds himself back on our planet in a place that will warm your heart - and not simply because of the high temperatures. Get ready for the adventure that begins right NOW!

COLORAKEL’s new adventure begins in an area of the world with hardly any vegetation due to the extreme dryness. In the middle of this arid landscape live the well protected and cared for cactuses. With the urgent need to satisfy his curiosity, COLORAKEL sets out to investigate the vast desert and its inhabitants. On his journey of discovery he encounters a talking cactus where the high temperatures and relentless sun have obviously gone to his head. He smiles dotingly at our superhero saying: „Come on, kiss me!“ Somewhat embarrassed, COLORAKEL responds:

„My dear cactus, thank you for what is surely a tempting offer. I would so like to do you the favor but I cannot imagine that you really want me to kiss you. Take my hat. It will protect you from the heat of the endless desert and keep your green as luscious as ever. For I have seldom come across such a strong and exhilarating green. Yes, in the light of the powerful sun it even gives off a subtle glow, making you look even more luscious. I want to take it with me into the world and call it THORNY-GREEN.“

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

10. Bohemian-Petrol


In his adventures, COLORAKEL travels to places where reality and fantasy merge into one. On his last mission, he protected a cactus suffering from sunstroke in the hot desert. For his tenth heroic deed, COLORAKEL is traveling to France. But don’t think for a moment that he’s going to save the Eifel Tower from collapse or direct the traffic around the Arc de Triomphe. No way! CORAKEL is about to encounter precious objects. Let yourself be surprised! The adventure begins right NOW.

COLORAKEL is a superhero with superb taste. He loves France and not just because of its culinary treasures. French art is breathtaking and multifaceted: rousing theater productions, intoxicating music, moving films and magnificent painters; from Cézanne through Monet to Gauguin. In a little back street behind the Louvre, our superhero COLORAKEL runs into an artist with a yellow beret and a handlebar moustache. In his smock he carries the tools of his trade: a brush and pencil. Immediately recognizing COLORAKEL as an art lover and connoisseur, he leads him up to his artist’s studio. Proudly, he presents his latest work of art created as an expression of authenticity and originality: BOHEMIAN-PETROL. „But what makes that picture really valuable: You can even hang it vertically!” exclaims the little Frenchman. Excited about this new color creation, COLORAKEL responds:

„My dear Frenchman, what an inspiration your art is for me. It is neither green nor blue and I have fallen under its spell completely. Contemporary and eloquent, it summons up an image of our modern era. I would like to include it in my color preview so that all may behold this extraordinary color composition in its captivating originality.“

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

11. Noble-Blue


With much courage, determination and daring our superhero COLORAKEL makes his way from one mission to the next. In the previous episode he met a remarkable painter whose work he held in great esteem. His new mission leads him to a dangerous location where only real heroes can manage to keep sight of their true colors. The adventure begins right NOW.

Right in front of our superhero COLORAKEL lies a most chilling scene. A slight shiver runs down his back as he travels down a seemingly endless path. The long corridor is dark, gray and terrifying. „Where is this leading?“ Curious and fearful at the same time, COLORAKEL continues down the hall. A faint light is to be seen at the end of the gloomy corridor. Suddenly, our little hero can hear voices. „Who is there?“ he calls out bravely into the darkness. Quietly, he sneaks up closer and catches sight of a vampire mother scolding her child: „I told you not to bite noblemen! Blue stains are so much harder to wash out!“ Delighted at what he sees, COLORAKEL makes himself heard by exclaiming:

„Dear vampire mom, don’t scold your child. This blue is so vibrant and intensive. In the faint glow of the lamp’s light, it even develops a fascinating metallic luster associated only with tangible premium-quality. If I incorporate this brilliant color NOBLE-BLUE in in my color preview, it will set a trend in the coming season. There will be no need to worry about getting out the stains in next year’s laundry.“

Stay tuned for coming adventures of COLORAKEL. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

12. Mixed-Up-Violet


In the course of his adventures, COLORAKEL is led to places where reality and fantasy blend into one. His latest dangerous mission took COLORAKEL to a gloomy, slightly scary place, where our superhero was able to save a little vampire child from the wrath of his vampire mother. In this 12th episode, our little man makes a bet with a lovely creature. But come along and see for yourself. The adventure begins right NOW.

This latest expedition leads our superhero to Africa, where he plans to assist his old friend Prof. Samiira with some research. The animals of the scrubland need to be catalogued with their names and colors next to their photos. But suddenly COLORAKEL encounters a strange creature. Just as he is about to write down „green“ next to the photo, the animal turns first brown and then suddenly violet. COLORAKEL stands there both confused and fascinated. He asks the creature about his name and his color. Then the cheeky little fellow reveals that he is a chameleon by the name of Toppy and that his spectrum of colors contains all the colors of the earth. ´All the colors of this earth?´ our superhero asked himself – he as a color expert doesn’t even know all of them. So they make a bet that if Toppy loses, he wil have to take over the color settings in the lab at the GRAFE Design Center. COLORAKEL makes him take the color test – and then what happens? „Okay, you’ve got me!“ admits Toppy defeated.

„Dear Toppy, don‘t be sad that you can’t imitate the color of my superhero outfit. The color of your skin is fascinating. Is it violet or blue? The mere sight of you makes my mind drift off to a magical world. I’m going to call it Mixed-Up-Violet – my color inspiration No. 12“, COLORAKEL replies. And that’s how Toppy ends up for a day in the GRAFE Design Center conducting research into the latest colors. But that’s another story.

Stay tuned for coming adventures of COLORAKEL. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

13. Magic-Purple


Undaunted and armed with his special glasses, our superhero COLORAKEL plunges off on his next breathtaking adventure in his pursuit to track down the colors of the coming season for the GRAFE Design Center. COLORAKEL´s last color discovery was a cheeky little chameleon in Africa that, despite his claims, wasn’t able to produce a limitless spectrum of colors. Our superhero’s new mission appears so unreal that one could get the idea it’s magic. Or could it really be magic? Let’s see. Raise the curtain for the adventure that begins right NOW.

Can it really be magic? Right in front of COLORAKEL is a tent with many colored stripes and a beautifully decorated gate with the large and impressive figure of a magician standing before it. He enters the magician’s tent and stands facing a man with a pointed hat, prominent nose, moustache and the most amazing magician’s cloak that our superhero has ever laid eyes on. It reaches down to the floor and its color shimmers in the light. The magician asks COLORAKEL if he can help him. COLORAKEL responds with a story of his amazing adventures in his search for the trend colors of the coming season. The magician is so fascinated he fails to notice that he is pulling one rabbit after the next from his magician’s hat: violet, purple and yellow rabbits. He is really trying to pull a color out of his hat but not one is suitable for the Color Preview: „Now wait a second, I'll get you your darn trend color!“ the magician replies somewhat angrily to our superhero. However, COLORAKEL is only marginally aware of his actions since he can’t take his eyes off the unusual man’s cloak. At first glance, it appears completely black. Yet, upon closer observation he notices that it is shimmering in an otherworldly purple. COLORAKELS eyes sparkle in the violet sheen of the cloak. Never before has he seen anything like it. With a slight stutter he tells the magician:

„Dear magician, I have found the color I’ve been searching for. It’s your cloak. I will call it MAGIC-PURPLE and the whole world shall fall under its spell.“

Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

14. Gold-Happens

In his last adventure, our superhero COLORAKEL was thrilled to share in the secrets of a magician performing his magic as he discovered a purple so enchanting that he was unable to think of anything else. In his latest undertaking, he encounters a golden donkey. But come along and see for yourself. The adventure begins NOW.

The sun beats down from the sky, there’s no breeze in sight and all of nature seems paralyzed in the midday heat. Even COLORAKEL is tired and lethargic in the face of this incredible heat. A little bit in the distance, he spies a cozy little barn nestled into the dreamlike landscape. So COLORAKEL decides to take a closer look at the barn and lay down for a few minutes in the cool hay. But upon entering the barn he realizes that he doesn’t have the place for himself alone. A playful little donkey is prancing about. He has just arranged a bench for himself to sit down comfortably with a newspaper. Our little man is suddenly startled as it seems that the donkey is about to press something out of his backside. However, just as COLORAKEL begins to turn his head away in shock, a never ending number of little gold coins tumble from the bottom of our charming little beast. Completely astounded, our superhero asks the donkey just what he thinks he’s doing? In a cheerful mood, the jackass turns around and answers: “The government said to save the economy everybody needs to get their asses moving!” Finally COLORAKEL comprehends the donkey’s business and has a better look at the coins. After closer inspection he finally remarks:

„Dear donkey, you take the words of the government rather literally. The gold in these coins is quite incredible. Even though it is seems so light, it is rich and valuable, like a piece of platinum that has been coated additionally with the finest leaf gold. In view of this color inspiration, I shall call it Gold-Happens and then you will not only be helping the government, but all people will be able to indulge in this luxurious elegance.“

Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

15. Rusty-Brown

COLORAKEL discovered his last color inspiration completely unexpectedly as he was about to lie down for a little afternoon nap. A talking donkey conjured up the unique color quite incredibly from out of his backside. In his latest mission COLORAKEL arrives at a place where long forgotten things are kept but where the occasional surprise is sure to happen. Get ready for the adventure that begins right NOW!

It is a beautiful, sunny day and COLORAKEL decides to pay a visit to a place where most people would usually not like to spend their time. A garbage dump with various bits of scrap metal and junk is his destination. For COLORAKEL knows that people throw away all sorts of things and often discard items that can still be of use. And so he begins to rummage through the big piles. COLORAKEL is becoming more and more excited and enthusiastic when suddenly, hidden beneath the countless pieces of equipment, he spies something twinkling. He tries to get a hold of it but is unable to. A small digger with a lifting magnet comes to his rescue. Our superhero takes his place at the driver’s seat, activates the magnet and suddenly finds he has literally caught himself a little robot. COLORAKEL can’t believe his good luck when he recognizes what it is he has fished out from the rubbish heap. He mumbles happily to himself as he leans forward in the driver’s seat. All of a sudden he hears a somewhat mechanical yet melancholy voice in front of the digger. „Hey“, says the little robot, „Don't tell me to rust in peace! I have feelings, too!“ „And by the way“, he adds, „I even have a name, and it’s Rusty“. At first COLORAKEL is a bit confused but then he cheerfully answers:

„Dear Rusty, I would never want to hurt your feelings. You must have misunderstood me. I was so happy to have found you that what I really meant to say was ‚And now, you can rest in peace‘. It’s because I have found my latest color inspiration here, in you. You may not be aware of it, but the rusty brown of your metal gives off an incredibly luxurious and elegant shimmer. Just take a look at how it sparkles in the sun. As if your exterior has been decorated with countless sunstones. I shall name your color Rusty-Brown and it will fill the world with graceful elegance.“

Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

16. Ladybug-Love

The breathtaking adventures of our hero COLORAKEL are slowly coming to an end. There are three last color inspirations remaining on his secret list and then he will embark on his journey home to the GRAFE Design Center. On his last mission he was able to help an old robot recognize the intoxicating beauty of its color. In this latest episode, COLORAKEL discovers a secret admirer. Come along on the adventure that begins right NOW.

´Phew, finally made it´ COLORAKEL breathes a sigh of relief and sits down to rest after his latest adventure. In the corner of his eye, the little superhero notices something crawling up from his cape onto his neck. ´Well, hi there. Now who might you be?’ he asks. She introduces herself to him as Miss Ladybug and admits that she has been accompanying him from the beginning of his very first mission. `The whole time?´ COLORAKEL asks himself. In order to get a better look at Ladybug, our superhero places the little lady on a birch leaf that has just fluttered down and examines her with the special magnifying glass he keeps in his case. He admires Miss Ladybug from every angle. Her wings are a beautiful red that he has never seen before in his entire life. And they shimmer so delicately, as if the little ladybug had just flown through a golden fog. COLORAKEL is so busy that he doesn’t even hear the soft voice of the slightly blushing lady: „…I love you.“ Jumping up and down in excitement, she tries to capture his attention but to no avail. Finally she murmurs sadly in her disappointment: „You mean everything to me. But for you I’m just another trend color“.

„Dear Ladybug, please excuse my negligence. I have also grown fond of you and wish that you remain by my side as my loyal companion on my missions. For I have become fascinated by the color of your wings with their brilliant red and hint of golden fog. I would like to call it Ladybug-Love to show you how much you mean to me.“

Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

17. Everybody`s-Magenta

On his last adventure, COLORAKEL discovered a true companion. His little admirer Miss Ladybug had fallen in love with our daring superhero. His next mission will lead COLORAKEL through forests and across meadows and fields until he stops to linger in one of them. And why? Come along and find out as we join him on the adventure that begins NOW!

What a beautiful autumn day! Colorful leaves dance and swirl as they flutter down from the trees. The squirrels are busy collecting supplies for the winter. And the sun is shining through the fluffy clouds in the sky. Lighthearted and full of cheer, COLORAKEL wanders through this delightful world when suddenly he stops in complete awe in front of a pasture. A small flock of sheep have gathered in a circle around a single sheep and are nuzzling up to him. COLORAKEL can hardly believe his eyes. A fat and fleecy wool sheep is standing in the middle and glowing in the most incredible pink. This is a story that our superhero just has to investigate and so he addresses the colorful animal. He, in turn, tells COLORAKEL the whole story, about his wonderful voice and how he had tried to make it on to the TV show „Germany’s Next Super Sheep“ but never even made it to the preliminary rounds. COLORAKEL doesn’t have much experience in these things yet is quite impressed to find that the remarkable fellow’s „Baaah“ really is something special. Finally, the sheep in its desperation decided to change the color of its wool and mixed some new colors together - and with great success. Today he is the owner of a successful company for sheep wool colors and any talk of casting shows is a thing of the past. After the furry ball of wool finishes his report, he leans back, shuts his eyes for a moment and remarks: „I don’t know why the black color didn’t work out. But the new one is such a crowd-pleaser!“ COLORAKEL is thrilled and confides in him:

„My dear sheep, this color is really just as unique as you are. It is full of energy and joy. But that’s not all. It glitters delicately in the sun as if you had just danced through a cloud of fairy dust. I want to include this magnetising lightness as a color inspiration in my Color Preview 2014. I shall name it Everybody´s-Magenta and the desperation of your past shall be transformed into joy.“

Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.

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