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Grafe Polymer technology

The specialized modification of plastics is our passion. In addition to customized and application specific solutions for plastic compounds, we offer an extensive range of standardized electrically conductive compounds. Our customer-friendly service is yet another important advantage.

The GRAFE Polymer Technik GmbH develops products that guarantee safety and perfect electrical grounding. Electromagnetic and electrostatic charges can create problems in many industrial areas - wherever there is movement, friction and heat./p>


We put our many years of experience with plastics and their performance into every product. In addition to plastics solutions designed to meet customer and application needs, the GRAFE Group offers an extensive range of standardized carbon black-filled compounds and colored compounds for many applications:


  • Storage and transport containers as well as packaging material for electronic components to protect them against electrostatic discharge
  • Containers and packaging material with a low tendency toward soiling
  • Containers and pipe systems for areas subject to explosion hazards
  • Equipment parts for electronics work places and ultra-clean rooms
  • Electromagnetic shielding of electronic modules and systems for casing components as well as cable sheaths for various electronic modules


When it comes to modifying plastics to meet your specific needs, our customized products will give you the best possible solution. We are looking foreward to hear from you!



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