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Utworzono: czwartek, 08.06.2017

With GRAFE on the hunt of colors at Cosmetic Business

From 21 – 22 June 2017, international cosmetics companies and their suppliers come together at the biggest european plastics market in Munich. The plastics specialist GRAFE presents itself for the seventh time at the top-class event and will present the Color Preview 2018 next to the latest developments.

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The plastics specialist GRAFE is presenting a new generation of black batches for polyolefine. The new GRAFE BLACK³ has a novel, extreme depth of color which is able to create a “piano black finish”.

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Utworzono: piątek, 12.05.2017

GRAFE determined the winner of the customer survey

With a customer survey, the GRAFE Group asked for helpful feedback from their customers. After various participation, the survey was evaluated after a four-week term. Today GRAFE selects a winner of the associated competition.

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Utworzono: piątek, 07.04.2017

GRAFE Design Center presents the trend colors for 2018 with an interactive story

“The Pursuit of Colors” with GRAFE. That is the motto of this year’s presentation of the 2018 trend colors by the GRAFE Design Center. Always a creative highlight, the orchestration of this year’s color preview features the well-known Thuringian poetry slammer AIDA. He has created an exciting adventure story in twelve chapters that will take the reader month for month on a journey around the world.

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GRAFE OEM Urmusterplatten
Utworzono: piątek, 10.03.2017

GRAFE at the VDI Mannheim as the only color masterbatch manufacturer and developer certified in accordance with ISO / TS 16949

Innovative  ideas for efficient and high-quality plastic applications in cars presented by the plastics specialist GRAFE from 29th to 30th March 2017 at the international VDI Congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering”. The automotive competence of the Thuringian company is particularly in focus since the GRAFE Color Batch GmbH is the only German company that is certified in accordance with ISO / TS 16949 for the manufacture as well as development of color masterbatches.

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ISO 50001:2011
Utworzono: piątek, 10.02.2017

GRAFE receives ISO 50001:2011 certification

The GRAFE Group, with headquarters in Blankenhain, has been certified according to EN ISO 50001:2011, an international standard for energy management systems. With this step, the company wants to achieve continual optimization of its energy performance and an appropriate balance between energy consumption and finished products.

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Fantastic Colors
Utworzono: wtorek, 04.10.2016

Fantastic Colors

Making colors come alive in exceptionally sensual creations – this is what the specialists of the GRAFE-Design-Center of the GRAFE-Group in Blankenhain, Germany is known for within the plastics industry and beyond. Through a collaboration between GRAFE and Eckart, a manufacturer of metal and effect pigments, six fantastic colors in six PET bottles that are embedded in an imaginative story have emerged. With an exceptional shine and a fascinating feel, the metallic tones are charming and temp a person into the world of Fantastic Colors.

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Comparison of sample boards of polypropylene produced in the same machine parameters: left with a 3% use of new additive masterbatches and right without the additive masterbatch
Utworzono: piątek, 23.09.2016

New Additive Improves Polymer Melt

The plastics processing industry is about reducing cycle times and thus decreasing production costs and energy consumption, and therefore the injection molding machine or the periphery is mostly targeted. In this process, the polymer itself has potential, if it succeeds in optimizing the processing without negatively influencing the mechanical properties. The GRAFE-Group, Blankenhain carries an additive masterbatch for polyalkenes that meets these requirements.

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Tasty Colors
Utworzono: czwartek, 22.09.2016

GRAFE gives colors taste

Making colors audible – the trend experts of the GRAFE-Group have already demonstrated these skills. Now, they have gone one step further and provided the colors with taste. In the new project "Tasty Colors", the company's own color creations are presented in a color book. The highlight of this new book is that the ingredients are given for the mixed drinks which are illustrated, so that you can make them on your own.

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Utworzono: środa, 21.09.2016

The GRAFE group has developed a matting agent for the representation of various surface effects in a single step

The trend towards matte surfaces is still continuing. For a few years now, new vehicle models with an extremely matt surface have been becoming more common on the market, standing out clearly from the previous cars that had a metallic finish. This trend is however also noticeable in the consumer goods sector and is desired by many consumers when it comes to elegant, exclusive surfaces. In addition to the requirements of a modern, matte appearance, though, demands on a resistant, scratch-resistant surface are also increasing at the same time. So far, however, this impression has only been possible by means of an expensive reworking or treatment by painting, sandblasting or the use of soft paint or IML films.

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