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Secure hold with a reliable closing


When the bio-trash begins to smell bad and the bag rips on the way to the trash bin – that may well be the end of a good mood. That is why a closing that really works is particularly important for reliable storage and safe transport. Protecting the environment is also an important role for bio trash bags. The GRAFE Group took on the task for the company pely-plastic to create an environmentally friendly and sturdy drawstring.


The demands on the drawstring are as manifold as those placed on the compostable trash bag itself. In addition to having the necessary bio-degradable properties, it must also display a high tensile strength so that the bag is tightly sealed preventing waste from falling out and smells escaping. The masterbatches of the GRAFE Group meet not only these requirements, but also fulfill the stringent demands of DIN Certco (DIN EN 13432). Products with this seal are certified as bio plastics and will decompose in an industrial composting facility within six to twelve weeks.


The bag’s compostability, as indicated by the label with the budding seedling, means there is no need for it to be sorted out in a costly or time-consuming step. Both the trash bag and the drawstring decompose completely to biomass so that the costs for disposal of residual waste are significantly reduced and the environment is protected.

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