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The plastics specialist GRAFE is presenting a new generation of black batches for polyolefine. The new GRAFE BLACK³ has a novel, extreme depth of color which is able to create a "piano black finish”.

We are all familiar with the color black! It is often associated with somber, gloomy and negative emotions. Yet in the packaging industry, black imbues many products and packages with more compelling attributes. Here, more so than in other areas, the color reflects elegance, importance, respectability and modernity. In order to lend the color black the requisite intensive and valuable nuances, the GRAFE Group has developed a new generation of black batches. The new product called GRAFE BLACK³ has a new and extremely intense depth of color, which is able to create a “piano black finish” in polypropylene and polyethylene.

As a leading color specialist, GRAFE has the expertise to adjust the black intensity to the wishes of its customers. The coloring is especially suitable for polyolefine, where the black intensity can be adjusted individually from normal black to BLACK³ depending on the color depth setting. The striking result of this ultrablack is unprecedented in its intensity. There are many different areas of application in injection molding and extrusion and the new color is optimal for processing matte and shiny surfaces. The material complies with all relevant standards of the cosmetics industry allowing for very special and high-quality optics in the packaging sector.

"In the area of packaging, the color black represents exquisite and modern products, symbolizing strength and stability. Our new BLACK³, with its incredible depth of color, provides a clear contrast to the previous black batch and presents a range of products in an amazing color intensity“, explains Julia Canzler, Design & Packaging at GRAFE Group.

GRAFE at the Cosmetic Business Munich, 21 – 22 June 2017 - Hall 4 / Booth E09

Featuring an exclusive presentation of the color expert Julia Canzler, Thursday, 22 June 2017 11:00 - 11:15 am in the MOC Event Center Munich

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