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With GRAFE on the hunt of colors at Cosmetic Business



From 21 – 22 June 2017, international cosmetics companies and their suppliers come together at the biggest european plastics market in Munich. The plastics specialist GRAFE presents itself for the seventh time at the top-class event and will present the Color Preview 2018 next to the latest developments.

On the hunt for colors with GRAFE. That is the motto of this year’s presentation of the 2018 trend colors by the GRAFE Design Center. Always a creative highlight, the orchestration of this year’s color preview features the well-known Thuringian poetry slammer AIDA. He has created an exciting adventure story in twelve chapters that will take the reader month for month on a journey around the world.

„The Pursuit of Colors“ is an exciting search for different colors of the protagonist Ben and his friend Kara. If they don’t succeed in collecting all the colors, they tend to disappear from the world. Their pursuit of colors will take them through the most diverse and inspiring regions of the world and to the color nuances 2018”, says Julia Canzler, Design & Packaging at GRAFE Group. Now, users can log in at and will be unlocked exclusive chapters every month by solving twelve puzzles which also offer the chance to discover a great treasure in form of a fabulous journey.

Among the latest project of the Color Preview 2018 presents the company a new matting agent, the GRAFE MattAge, with which one glossy and matt surface effects can be realized in a single tool. "As a result, plastics processors can dispense with the use of an eroded or etched injection mold. The matting agent is embedded in the plastic melt and produces a diffuse light refraction/scattering, even in the case of polished mold surfaces. This creates a matte, satin finish with a velvety feel", says Mr. Ludwig, head of development GRAFE-Design-Center.

In addition, GRAFE is presenting a new generation of black batches for polyolefine. The new GRAFE BLACK³ has a novel, extreme depth of color which is able to create a “piano black finish” in polypropylene and polyethylene. The material complies with all relevant standards of the cosmetics industry and opens up innovative solutions for completely new and high-quality optics for packaging. This is an area that is in constant need of fresh and brilliant color trends and special effects that can tip end consumers’ purchasing decisions in the right direction.

„In the area of packaging, the color black represents exquisite and modern products, symbolizing strength and stability. Our new BLACK³, with its incredible depth of color, provides a clear contrast to the previous black batch and presents a range of products in an amazing color intensity“, explains Julia Canzler, Design & Packaging at GRAFE Group.

Find out more about the trend colors of 2018. GRAFE at the Cosmetic Business Munich, 21 – 22 June 2017 - Hall 4 / Booth E09.

Featuring an exclusive presentation of the color expert Julia Canzler, Thursday, 22 June 2017 11:00 - 11:15 am in the MOC Event Center Munich

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