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The GRAFE Design Center presents the trend colors of 2019 and celebrates its 10th year anniversary and 100 years of Bauhaus in Weimar


 Color Preview 2019

Marvel at creativity, indulge in reminiscences, be inspired – the  Design Center of the GRAFE Group, Blankenhain, is hosting an exhibition to mark the10th anniversary of the GRAFE Color Preview. Take a fascinating look at all the previous unique trend color projects. Magical moments await you in a gallery full of colorful images as the preview for the coming year will inspire you with a breathtaking array of creative ideas to arouse the senses and the imagination.


At the presentation of the new trend colors, the makers look back on ten years filled with endless color variety and its representation in a wide range of themes, styles and compositions. The sensual interplay of colors finds its expression in the form of a calendar with a limited edition of 500. The printed work provides a review of all past projects and allows the viewer the opportunity for delightful reminiscences and inspiring moments in the world of colors with all its shades and nuances.


The creators of the trend colors have drawn their inspirations not only from their own projects but also from one of the most important art periods in German history. Several of the pages of the 2019 calendar are dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus.  After all, the GRAFE Group has been working together with the Bauhaus University in Weimar for the past several years and sponsors the GRAFE Creative Prize awarded by the University to especially talented students.




The Color Preview 2019 symbolizes a love of colors and a creative playfulness in the company’s approach to this topic.  It is testimony to the work of the Design Center and stands for 2,779 days of work, 22,232 hours of team work and, to this date, approximately 100,000 color mixtures. A new color shade is created every 13 minutes in the labs at GRAFE. In so doing, the color specialists never just follow the existing trends, but set their own – now in the 10th consecutive year in the form of a calendar for the coming year’s color preview.


The trend colors of 2019 are strongly influenced by both blue and green. In autumn/winter 2018/2019, green appears more naturally as it loses some of its radiance and subjects itself to a greater yellow influence. Blue takes on a grey veil in almost all of its nuances.  All in all, the season presents itself in a natural-like look, while at the same time displaying an influence of urban grey. Energetic, optimistic colors ensure the necessary highlights. In spring/summer 2019, green clearly takes on more yellow, evoking the various nuances of vegetation.  Blue also receives a veil of grey creating a more atmospheric look. In the end, the season is one rich in contrasts. One finds the contrast between natural, original variants and chromatic or synthetic shades. Moreover, both translucence and transparency are significant. Anything is possible in the area of effects, from a subtle shimmer to a strong metallic look all the way to glitter.



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GRAFE together with HD Kunststoffe at the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, 16 – 20 October 2018, Hall B5 / Stand 5306

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