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Improved performance of PLA-packaging

Blankenhain, Oktober 2013 –The plastics processing industry has been faced with the demands of an increasing number of end consumers calling for responsible action to protect our environment. Added to these demands, are those of the packaging material producers whose concerns are not only environmental but are also focused on better and simpler processing of PLAmaterials.

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Flow Improver

Blankenhain, October 2013 - The resource-optimised production of plastic components, e.g. in the area of packaging, is becoming more and more important. Costs can be saved starting in the production process. This can be achieved by using an additive masterbatch which allows faster processing times at low temperatures.

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Floor path emergency markings

Blankenhain, October 2013 – Floor path marking systems in aircraft point the way to the nearest exit in emergency situations. These escape route floor markings are extremely important and it is essential that they function in every case. However, in normal operation these markings should blend into the interior design of the cabin as much as possible. Photoluminescent materials that absorb light energy from the environment are an excellent solution for this.

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Flow-Improver for medical technology

Blankenhain, October 2013 – The field of medical technology in Germany is known as a particularly innovative high-growth market with a promising future. Important prerequisites, however, are high quality raw materials which must meet stringent requirements. A new addition to GRAFE’s product portfolio is the additive “Flow-Improver” which has been developed to meet the challenging demands of medical products.

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Samsonite luggage series in emerald green

Blankenhain, October 2013 – The year 2013 is shining in new colors: A striking green is the new trend color. This absolute must-have in the world of colors has been enjoying wide popularity in textiles, interior furnishings and also in the automotive industry. With its masterbatches, the GRAFE Group is enabling the application of this trend color in the area of plastics.

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Antistatic plastics in vehicle interiors

Blankenhain, October 2013 - Most plastics have very low electrical conductivity and therefore display a strong tendency to accumulate charges which gather on the surface through contact with other materials. The resulting surface charges often have problematic effects.

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Three strong business units

Blankenhain, Oktober 2013 – Kunden- sowie applikationsspezifisch technische Kunststoffe in höchster Qualität – dafür steht die GRAFE-Gruppe. Seit über 20 Jahren produziert der Kunststoffspezialist GRAFE für den nationalen und internationalen Markt. Anlässlich der K wird das Unternehmen seine Produktpalette inklusive der neuesten Produkterweiterungen und –highlights auf internationaler Bühne präsentieren.

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Utworzono: wtorek, 01.10.2013

Antimicrobial properties on bright-colored plastic materials

Blankenhain, October 2013 – According information released by the Robert- Koch-Institute, 2,100 hospital-acquired cases of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections have been reported in Germany in 2010. Due to this and other cases GRAFE Group has been working on the development of antimicrobial treatment of plastic materials for more than 10 years.

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Blankenhain, October 2013 – The GRAFE Group is introducing a new innovation in the field of bio-plastics: With „Bio-Compalen-Paperlike“, it is now for the first time possible to produce foils which can be torn in any direction. This offers an enormous advantage, particularly in the area of security labels.

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Exclusive Colors - Masterbatch for exclusive products

Blankenhain, June 2013 – The appeal of premium-quality products begins with the first visual impression. The new „Exclusive Colors“ create a striking impact using complex pigments as they lend a luxurious luster to plastics.

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