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Color Preview 2018

The pursuit of colors with GRAFE. That is the motto of this year’s presentation of the 2018 trend colors by the GRAFE Design Center. Always a creative highlight, the orchestration of this year’s color preview features the well-known Thuringian poetry slammer AIDA. He has created an exciting adventure story in twelve chapters that will take the reader month for month on a journey around the world.


Registered readers can accompany the protagonist, Ben, and his friend Kara on an interactive search for colors that will take them through the most diverse and inspiring regions of the world. The fast-paced hunt for different shades, nuances and colors coupled with the battle against colorless monotony and drab uniformity culminates in a breathtaking finale.

On the website exclusive chapters will be unlocked every month by solving twelve puzzles which also offer the chance to discover a great treasure in the  form of a fabulous journey.

Please contact us for more information: design [at]


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