Additive manufacturing has arrived in almost every branch of industry and opens up a broad portfolio of possibilities for the manufacture of plastic products, regardless of whether they are prototypes, series or customised products. 

With the colour specialists in the GRAFE DESIGN CENTER or the development team in the MATERIAL SCIENCE area, you have experts at your side who can implement highly precise colour and material settings according to customer requirements.

Whether according to a specific colour template, an individual design idea or special technical properties. GRAFE supports you from the idea to series production.

Color setting for filaments

Whether according to individual color templates or international color standards such as Pantone, RAL, HKS and NCS, we produce our high-quality color masterbatches according to your specifications and on the basis of your desired carrier material. Naturally with the GRAFE quality promise – color in perfection – because we test our masterbatch with our own laboratory filament extruder before we send you sample material and a dosing recommendation. On request, we can also produce ready-to-use compounds for you, which you can process directly without an additional dosing step.

Possible color settings PET, PETG and standard material according to RAL K7: 
  • ABS
  • PE
  • PC 
  • PP
  • PA
  • PLA
  • PS Crystal-clear
Matting agent in 3D printing

The matting agent from GRAFE creates elegant-looking 3D printed components that impress with their high-quality appearance, as the light reflections on the material (especially at the edges of the process-related layer structure) are greatly reduced. The matting agent develops its full effect from a dosage of just 7.5 percent and can therefore be used efficiently without affecting the coloration unnecessarily. Due to the diffuse light scattering, the components appear almost “as if cast from a single mold”!

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Silk gloss effect

With a wide range of infinite color variations, GRAFE brings variety to the market for 3D printing applications. With nine basic colors and a white polymer blend as a base carrier, individual color formulations for filament production can be created and thus respond quickly to market trends. As a source of inspiration, you will find a color table with mixing examples and 4 special NEON shades!

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Mixing table

Filament identification

With the special masterbatch for identifying materials in industrial 3D printing, GRAFE, in cooperation with Tailorlux, has developed a process that protects your products from plagiarism or misuse in production from the filament to the finished component. In all areas in which products have to withstand recourse or warranty claims, the masterbatch can be used during filament production and the material checked using a hand scanner. Even the integration of the test electronics directly on the print head is easy to implement and has already been tried and tested, resulting in an integrated system comprising licensed material and printer (or print job).

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Color Design




Plagiarism protection



Additivation in 3D printing 


Flame protection PETG

A masterbatch from GRAFE for filaments with a flame retardant finish in accordance with fire protection standard UL 94-0: Plastics used that fulfil the fire protection standard: For PETG, the dosage is 20 per cent and a temperature resistance of 280°C is given. Further development work for various polymers is available from GRAFE

Laser marking

The addition of GRAFE additives significantly increases the contrast of laser markings. A light marking on a black background is just as possible as a dark marking on light-coloured or natural-colored plastics. This allows for sharp-edged, customised and permanent marking of products without prior surface treatment.

Filament effects in 3D printing

By adding substances, it is possible to give plastics a new optical quality. The combination of plastic with flakes, cellulose fibres, particles and a suitable texture creates a visually interesting and haptically high-quality surface.

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  • Terrazzo-effect 
  • Glitter-effect
  • Glow in the dark
  • Neon colors


Masterbatches, additives or compounds – we are specialists in the modification of plastics and support you in the development of your tailor-made products. Our color designers and plastics specialists support you in your projects with creativity and inspiration.

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