The GRAFE DESIGN CENTER is presenting the trend colors for 2020 as part of an awareness campaign in cooperation with the Youth Against AIDS initiative.

Monday, 06/03/2019


The GRAFE DESIGN CENTER is presenting the trend colors of 2020 in a very special framework. The new calendar not only presents the colors of the coming season – it draws attention to a topic that is often neglected today: HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. To mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the international awareness initiative Youth Against AIDS, the GRAFE Group has worked closely together with the initiative on the selection of colors and themes.

Youth Against AIDS (JGA) is an international initiative of young people working for tomorrow’s society. Founded ten years ago by high school students in Hamburg, they are passionate about raising awareness among their peers. In school workshops for their fellow pupils, at festivals and events and with large scale public campaigns, they work to foster a diverse and well-informed society, where sexuality is never a reason for marginalization, fear or stigmatization. The patron of the foundation is Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German federal president.

„Our work to support Youth Against AIDS is a matter of special importance to me“, says Matthias Grafe, Managing Director. „The number of infections with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases has been sharply increasing – and not just somewhere in Africa, but also right here in Germany. Many young people today are not aware of the risks that exist out there. And that’s why we are supporting the international awareness campaign of Youth Against AIDS. Our calendar is an excellent opportunity for this“, he explains.

Roman Malessa, General Secretary of Youth Against AIDS agrees. „This project is a win-win situation. We profit from the large distribution of the GRAFE calendar and can reach target groups that we haven’t had access to until now. In turn, the company implements a smart idea to introduce its trend colors in a color intensive campaign. At the same time, we present the calendar at numerous events – for example, at the STI & HIV 2019 World Congress in Vancouver – and through our social media channels and campaign ambassadors.”

The calendar for the 2020 trend colors is illustrated with powerfully colored microscopic images of the twelve most common sexually transmitted diseases. These include such well known ones as syphilis, gonorrhea, aids, and hepatitis B, but also diseases that the public is less familiar with, such as ulcus molle, lymphogranuloma venereum and trichomoniasis. On the back of the monthly pages, are detailed descriptions of the diseases and information on how to prevent them. Thus, the calendar serves as both a modern source of information and at the same time an example of successful design.

The idea for the unusual project was born at the board meeting of the JGA at the Spa & GolfResort Weimarer Land, owned by Matthias Grafe. „Mr Grafe has supported us for the past year by providing a venue for our leadership team meeting“, so Malessa. „At one of these meetings we began talking and decided to design our next calendar together”.

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